3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Oral Health Issues

Taking care of your smile every day can help you sustain bright, attractive teeth and also help you better protect your general health. Fortunately, the right habits can make a big difference when it comes to preventing issues that might impact the condition of your teeth. Through effective brushing and flossing, it is possible to stop plaque and tartar from accumulating, which means you stay safe against gum disease and tooth decay. When you avoid these problems, you can avoid complications that might lead to serious discomfort, or even jeopardize your overall well-being. Our Vista, CA dentist’s office has helped many people take care of their smile during regular dental exams and cleanings, but we want our patients to remember that what occurs between these appointments can have a big impact on how likely you are to struggle with future dental problems.

1. Brush For At Least Two Minutes

If you are not sure that you brush thoroughly, set a timer and see how you feel brushing for two minutes. Did this feel comfortable and natural, or did it seem like an unusually long time? Brushing for at least two minutes gives you the time to make sure that every area of every tooth is properly cleaned. This routine, when combined with daily flossing, can give your teeth a degree of protection that can make you less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown in the future.

2. Clean The Area Around Your Gum Line

It is important for you to take oral care seriously, and to make sure that every part of your smile is receiving attention when you brush and floss. With that said, it can be particularly important to brush and floss at your gum line. Bacteria that gather at the base of your teeth can infect your periodontal tissues, which can lead to an infection known as gingivitis. If gingivitis is not dealt with, your condition can worsen, which can lead to general health complications as well as a higher tooth loss risk.

3. Take Signs Of Dental Trouble Seriously

If you already notice symptoms of dental problems, it may seem like it is already too late to prevent something from happening. What you should know is that a problem that is not treated in time can worsen, leading to complications that affect your treatment. If you think you have developed gingivitis, a more thorough brushing and flossing regimen can help you fight the bacteria responsible for this problem. If you have pain in a tooth, and suspect that an infection is responsible, let your dentist know about it. Too much damage from a cavity may lead to that tooth being lost, and it can lead to bacteria spreading to other parts of your body.

Our Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Provides Quality Oral Health Support

At our Vista, CA dentist’s office, we encourage patients to make smart choices between every appointment in order to protect themselves from oral health troubles. If you would like to learn more about our practice and our services, call Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.