3 Ways To Achieve Whiter Teeth

3 ways to achieve whiter teethSo you wish your teeth were whiter than they currently are – what are you planning to do about it? Products that are available at stores to address teeth stains, but you may not be satisfied with the effects. One benefit of undergoing cosmetic dental work is that you can have your teeth significantly whitened, and can have your results in relatively little time. There are multiple approaches your dentist can employ to help you have a whiter smile. While some are straightforward, there are also cosmetic treatments that can help people with discoloration that even a professional whitening treatment may fall short of addressing.

1. An In-Office Whitening Treatment

You can elect to make an appointment to see your dentist and have your teeth whitened. The application of professional whitening gels by your dentist will have you leaving your appointment with teeth that can be as much as eight shades whiter.

2. An At-Home Whitening Treatment

If you prefer, you can simply gather up what you need from your dentist, and whiten your teeth at home. Unlike an in-office treatment, you will have to perform the at-home treatment several times to have the full results. That being said, you can comfortably address your teeth on your own time, and still see professional results after two weeks.

3. An Alternative Cosmetic Procedure

Certain types of tooth discoloration will not be well-served by even professional whitening agents. Other cosmetic treatments can help in these situations. Long-lasting improvements to the color, shape, and general condition of your teeth can be gained by receiving porcelain veneers.