A Dental Bridge Can Utilize Your Tooth Structure

Tooth loss creates all kinds of short-term and long-term problems for those affected by it. In the short term, you’re likely to experience pain and possibly some emotional trauma. In the long-term, tooth loss necessitates a lifestyle change, it can lower your self esteem, and it can cause your remaining teeth to shift. Replacing missing teeth quickly is important for your oral health. If dental implant surgery isn’t the right option for you, perhaps a dental bridge can help. Dental bridges utilize your existing tooth structure to support a life-like dental prosthetic.

If You Have Healthy Neighboring Teeth, a Dental Bridge Can Work for You

A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth, or a series of missing teeth. If the teeth on either end of your missing teeth are healthy and structurally sound, they can be used to support your dental prosthetic. A dental bridge is a sequence of replacement teeth (known as “pontics”) that are bonded to dental crowns on either end. The dental crowns fit over your existing teeth and hold the bridge in place. Of course, these teeth supporting the dental crowns need to be healthy enough to keep the dental bridge secure.

Your Dentist Can Clean Up Any Lingering Issues Before You Receive Your Dental Bridge

A dental bridge placed over weakened supporting teeth won’t do you much good. Furthermore, adding a dental bridge to replace missing teeth and ignoring other oral health issues will only lead to more problems. Before you have your dental bridge placed, your dentist can clean up any other lingering oral health issues that you might be having. Tooth decay is the result of bacterial infection, and if tooth decay is the reason for your missing teeth, it’s likely that the infection has affected other parts of your mouth. Your dentist will want to remove all bacterial infection before placing a dental bridge.

Once in Place, a Dental Bridge Provides a Chewing Surface and Esthetic Restoration

Dental bridges are fabricated based on specifications that your dentist generates from your actual teeth. By taking precise measurements of your surrounding teeth, your dentist can assure that your bridge provides you with a functional chewing surface that fits together with your other teeth. Your dental bridge will also be made to match the appearance of your surrounding teeth. The goal at the end of dental prosthetic treatment is to have a smile that reveals no sign of treatment.

Choose Melrose Dental Arts for Your Dental Bridge

At Melrose Dental Arts, our team is focused on your recovery after tooth loss. We want to give you a dental prosthetic that gets you back to where you were before losing your teeth. Schedule a consultation appointment to see if you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge. Make an initial appointment by contacting Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117.