A Strong Smile Means Daily Flossing


In our last blog, we looked at the proper way to brush your teeth, as daily care is essential for managing your oral health and avoiding issues like cavities and gum disease. However, even more vital than brushing your teeth is flossing it! In today’s blog, your Vista, CA, dentist will explain how floss protects your smile, especially from periodontal issues.

The Dangers of Food Caught Between Teeth

When we brush our teeth, this helps remove food particles from the front sides of the teeth and the chewing surfaces, and is essential for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. However, even the best brushing can’t reach between the teeth, or remove the bits of food lodged in the gum line. Unless removed, bacteria will break down these particles and coat the teeth in plaque buildup. Over time, this begins to weaken and erode the outer enamel, and irritate and inflame the gum tissues. Soon, you could be suffering from gum disease and tooth decay. To avoid toothaches, tooth sensitivity, sore, bleeding gums, or complications like tooth loss, you need to clean between your teeth!

How and When to Floss

First, take an 18-inch length of floss tape, and wrap each end around each middle finger. Next, hold the tape taut with your thumbs. Slide the floss in between the teeth, moving up and down each side of every tooth, and dipping between the gum line in a “c” motion. Repeat this process for each and every tooth. Adjust your grip on the tape to ensure you floss in between each part of your smile with a clean length of tape. For younger children, a pick may be easier. You should do this every night before going to bed without exception. We also suggest taking time to floss after dinner should you have food caught between your teeth.

Be Sure to Obtain a Cleaning

While brushing and flossing are great at reducing how much plaque can accumulate on the teeth in between office visits, you also need to have this buildup removed completely to avoid complications, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. Every six months, contact our team to schedule a dental cleaning. Using an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool, we will carefully remove all plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) from the surfaces of the teeth. You leave with a healthier smile, and a lowered risk of bad breath and teeth stains too.

Our Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Wants You to Enjoy Optimal Oral Health

Our Vista, CA dentist’s office believes in dental education, ensuring you and your family know how to preserve your smiles from home. For more information on safeguarding smiles of all ages, then please contact Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.