Are Your Teeth Healthy Enough for a Bridge?

Dental bridges are useful restorations because they can replace missing teeth in your mouth. If you suffer tooth loss as an adult, your problems can compound over time. Missing teeth cause remaining teeth to shift, and your bite to become awkward. Your teeth rely on one another to stay in alignment. Dental bridges offer a prosthetic solution by replacing an individual tooth or a series of missing teeth. However, before your dentist can fabricate your dental bridge, they will need to make sure that your remaining teeth are healthy enough, because dental bridges rely on your remaining teeth for support.

A Dental Bridge Uses Abutment Teeth for Support

A dental bridge is made up of several different parts. There are, of course, the replacement teeth, known as “pontics.” These replacement teeth are important because they’re they serve the primary purpose for receiving a dental bridge — restoring the appearance of your smile, the function of your bite, and keeping your teeth in alignment. How do these pontics fit into place? They are supported by dental crowns on either end. The dental crowns fit around your existing teeth to hold the entire prosthetic in place. Without the crowns, the bridge cannot function.

Decayed and Damaged Teeth Won’t Support a Dental Bridge

Depending on the nature of your tooth loss, your remaining teeth may or may not be strong enough to support a dental bridge. If the cause of your tooth loss is extreme decay, the infection may also be affecting your surrounding teeth. If your remaining teeth have suffered infection and significant decay, they may not have the structural integrity to support the pontics. Your dentist will want to treat and restore any damaged or vulnerable teeth before moving forward with a prosthetic option like a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges Offer a Great Fix if Your Teeth Are Healthy Enough

If your teeth are healthy enough to support a dental bridge, this prosthetic is a great option for recovering from tooth loss. Dental bridges are more affordable than dental implants, and significantly less messy than dentures. Dental bridges don’t require surgery or the healing timetable that comes with it. A dental bridge is often a more permanent alternative to dentures too. If you have healthy enough teeth, a dental bridge is a great way to repair your smile, restore your bite, and give your teeth the structural support they need.

Ask Dr. Amiri About a Dental Bridge

At Melrose Dental Arts, we understand how stressful and uncomfortable tooth loss can be. You want to find a solution quickly. During your consultation, our team will evaluate your needs and the health of your remaining teeth. If a dental bridge is right for you and your teeth are in good shape, we can move forward with treatment quickly. Schedule your consultation at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117.