Assisting A Friend Or Family Member With A Dental Emergency

By helping a friend or family member secure emergency dental services, you can help them save an injured or aching tooth from being lost. While assistance is not always needed during a dental emergency, it can make the experience easier, as urgent problems can leave someone in pain while also causing them alarm over a potentially severe smile change. Our Vista, CA dentist’s office is able to provide emergency dental services to patients. When injuries occur, or when patients start to struggle with significant pain, we want them to be comforted by the knowledge that treatment is accessible on short notice. You can make emergency care even easier to secure by providing support and encouragement, and (when necessary) by helping them bring a lost tooth in to be restored.

Tooth Injuries And Dental Pain Can Become Serious Problems

Injuries and toothaches can lead to a degree of discomfort that makes focusing difficult. They can also make speaking difficult, which is why a third party to help arrange emergency services can be beneficial. If you have a loved one who is trying to put off care, or who is insisting that they do not need it, make sure they understand that without the appropriate care their tooth could be lost!

Managing Discomfort Before An Emergency Dental Appointment

To ease pain before an appointment, use an over the counter pain reliever like aspirin. You can also soothe pain with a cold compress or an ice pack – in addition to relieving discomfort, this can help with swelling. Be careful when applying pressure if the tooth is loose or broken, as the injury could worsen before the appointment.

Safe Handling Tips For A Dislodged Tooth

With urgent care, it is possible to save a dislodged tooth. To improve your chances of saving someone’s tooth, careful handling is important. Be careful with how you handle the tooth – hold it by its crown only, not by the roots. To keep the tooth moist until the treatment can occur, use a small container of milk to hold the tooth. If the injury is too severe, or if the tooth is not brought to you in time, we can arrange prosthetic dental work to restore a person’s full smile. With a permanent restoration, this work can also provide functional support, which means you can bite and chew without problems.

Our Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Can Provide Emergency Services For Patients

Our Vista, CA dentist’s office is able to provide emergency services for dental patients who find themselves in need of urgent care. If you have a problem with an injured, loose, or lost tooth – or if you are helping someone in need of emergency treatment – we are prepared to provide quality treatment. For more information, please contact Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.