Dental Veneers Could Give You the Smile You’re After

A perfectly straight, white smile is hard to come by without a little help. That’s because your teeth take on a lot of wear and tear over the years. Even if your teeth aren’t sustaining cavities, they may become worn down from use, and they may pick up stains as the result of the food you eat and drinks you drink. Plus, most people’s teeth don’t start out perfectly symmetrical and proportional. So, how can you wind up with a pleasing smile that lights up a room? Well, dental veneers are a cosmetic solution that could give you the smile you’re after. (more…)

Restorative Dentistry with Your Smile in Mind

When a tooth becomes damaged from a physical accident or infection, you need to repair it as soon as possible. Vulnerable teeth are susceptible to further damage from chewing or the activity of bacteria, and if you don’t take action, you could eventually lose your tooth. Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental work that is intended to rebuild the function and comfort of your bite while protecting your teeth for the future. Choosing a restorative option that keeps the appearance of your smile in mind as well gives you the optimal result. (more…)

Dental Bridgework Happens Quickly

Tooth loss creates plenty of obstacles beyond the pain and trauma of losing your teeth. Missing teeth can cause difficulty with speaking or chewing food. They can make you feel uncomfortable in social settings. Replacing your missing teeth can help you rebuild confidence and get back to living your life. You want that replacement to come quickly, and when you choose a dental bridge, it can. Dental bridges can replace a series of missing teeth in your mouth to rebuild your smile and give you the healthy appearance you had before tooth loss. (more…)

Professional Dental Cleanings Pry Away Bacteria

Bacteria are an ever-present force inside your mouth. This naturally occurring microflora can have some positive effects as it helps you begin the process of digesting food. However, harmful bacteria can also bond to the surfaces of your teeth and gums. This bacteria builds up over time to form plaque and tartar. As the bacteria grows, it continuously produces acid as a byproduct of its metabolism. This acid is abrasive and can slowly corrode your dental enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable and damaged. Professional dental cleanings pry away this stubborn bacteria. (more…)

Implants Can Address All Kinds of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss comes in a wide variety of cases. Not everyone experiences this condition the same way. You may lose an individual tooth due to an accident, or decay may cause many of your teeth to fall out. Whether you need to replace all of the teeth on a dental ridge, or you simply need one tooth replaced, dental implants are a prosthetic option that can help you. Dental implants are strong, durable, and can be used strategically with other prosthetic options to restore your teeth. It’s time to learn about how dental implants can help you get your smile back. (more…)

Addressing Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs in Vista

Cosmetic dentistry can play a huge role in how you feel about your own self image. If you have small things about your smile that you’d like to change, cosmetic dentistry can often provide a solution with an affordable, minimally-invasive treatment option. Whether you need to adjust the contour of your smile, the shape of individual teeth, or the brightness of your smile, there are options. If you’re in the Vista area and you’d like to talk about making changes to your smile, it’s time to reach out to Melrose Dental Arts. (more…)

What Are the Ways a Dental Crown Can Help?

Dental crowns are a favorite restorative tool of dentists because they can serve so many functions. When your teeth become damaged and vulnerable, you need a way to protect them. Dental crowns are often the best solution, but their function isn’t limited to protection. Dental crowns can also be used as part of dental prosthetics to rebuild your smile after tooth loss. If you’re suffering from any sort of serious, tooth-related issue, chances are a dental crown can help. Here are all the ways a dental crown can serve you as a patient. (more…)

Can Your Teeth Stand Up to Cavities?

Did you know that your genetics play a large role in how likely you are to suffer from tooth decay? The natural microflora present in your individual mouth can lead to an increased risk for cavities. Does that mean that some people are doomed to deal with rotting teeth and black spots their whole lives? Not necessarily. The preventive steps that you take to care for your own teeth still go a long way toward keeping them safe and healthy. When you need added protection, you should talk to your dentist about treatment options. (more…)

Do You Know About Your Teeth Whitening Options?

A bright, beautiful smile allows you to feel confident in any situation. Dental staining can take that confidence away from you. If you have yellowed teeth, you may tend to hide your smile. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening options that can restore that bright, beautiful appearance. Professional teeth whitening through your dentist can deliver impressive results that you don’t get from over-the-counter products. Additionally, dental veneers give you another option for teeth whitening when you  run into stubborn stains. (more…)

Bacteria Can Invade Vulnerable Teeth

Bacterial infections are responsible for most of the oral health issues that you’ll face in your life. You’re probably already familiar with the effects that a cavity can have. Almost everyone experiences problems with cavities at some point. Treating these issues quickly can allow your teeth to recover. Conversely, waiting on treatment can cause issues to compound. Even once the bacteria has been removed, you still need a restorative solution — like a dental crown — to prevent future damage. That’s because bacteria can use any opening to invade vulnerable teeth. (more…)