How to Address Complex Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can take many forms, and in all cases, it’s a tough experience. Tooth loss can cause you to compromise on certain lifestyle choices, and it can make you feel uncomfortable around others. Missing one tooth can be difficult, but complex tooth loss creates even more problems. If you’re missing several teeth in different areas across an arch, you need a solution that can address your tooth loss completely. That’s what dental implants provide. Implants are a surgical solution that create stability and comfort while chewing and eating food. (more…)

Dental Crowns Provide a Physical Barrier for Your Tooth

Dental crowns are dental restorations that your dentist can create to protect your teeth. If you have healthy teeth and you’ve never needed extensive treatment for cavities or infections, you probably haven’t needed a dental crown. These tooth-like fabrications fit over your tooth to protect it after the tooth has sustained damage. The crown is important because it allows you to retain the natural appearance of your tooth while providing a strong physical barrier. This barrier keeps out bacteria, and prevents additional physical harm from happening to your tooth. (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix the Size and Shape of Your Teeth

There are some things in life that you can control, and others that you can’t. It’s important not to stress out about the things you can’t control, but you may also be surprised what you can control. When it comes to the appearance of your smile, you may have more agency than you realize. Cosmetic dentistry can alter the size and shape of your teeth to give you a more pleasing, uniform smile. If your teeth have caused you social discomfort in the past, it’s time to explore your cosmetic dentistry options and give yourself the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. (more…)

What Happens to Your Tooth When a Cavity Forms?

In general, you know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist a couple times per year. Sticking to these guidelines can keep your teeth generally healthy, but it also makes it easy to get complacent. Maybe you’re brushing twice a day, but you’re not really focusing on all of the surfaces of your teeth or your gum lines. It’s important to understand what happens when a cavity forms on your tooth. If you know what you’re trying to prevent, then it will be easier to care for your teeth and gums at home in a productive way. (more…)

Wondering if Porcelain Veneers Can Benefit Your Smile?

If your goal is to improve your smile’s appearance, then you may have several different cosmetic dentistry options for achieving that goal. For example, teeth-whitening might help you erase the stains on your teeth and brighten their overall appearance. If a tooth is chipped, then a small amount of tooth bonding may be able to repair it and improve its appearance. However, when you have multiple issues with your smile, then porcelain veneers may be your best option for addressing them all in a minimally invasive nature, and with highly lifelike results. (more…)

Why Your Dental Implant Needs a Dental Crown

If you are the victim of tooth loss, you may feel frustrated by the situation and desperate for a solution. Tooth loss doesn’t have to be a permanent debilitation. Your tooth loss can be repaired with a dental implant. This powerful dental prosthetic option can effectively replace a missing tooth. You’ll enjoy a natural bite power, function, and appearance thanks to the dental crown that tops your implant. If you are receiving a dental implant, here’s why you’ll need a dental crown to complete the prosthetic. (more…)

Dental Bonding Is a Multi-Faceted Fix

The appearance of your teeth is a sensitive issue. If you have a problem with the appearance of your teeth, it can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. When you become expressive you, you typically show your teeth. Yawning, laughing, chewing, and speaking all reveal your teeth, so if you have a confidence issue with your teeth, it can really hamper you socially. Cosmetic dental procedures can improve the appearance of your smile, restoring your confidence and charisma. Dental bonding is one such cosmetic procedure, the benefits of which are multi-faceted. (more…)

Update Your Approach to Teeth Brushing

Brushing your teeth is the most essential and important step to keeping them safe and healthy throughout your life. Brushing removes bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth and prevents harmful wear from destroying your enamel. However, the act of brushing alone isn’t always enough. Even if you have established strong habits — brushing at least twice daily — you may not be doing all you can to protect your teeth. It’s time to update your approach to teeth brushing in order to do all you can to keep them safe and healthy throughout your life. (more…)

A Dental Bridge Closes Gaps in Your Mouth

A missing tooth can leave quite the hole behind — both literally and figuratively. Literally, you’ll have a hole in your gum line where your tooth used to be. This creates problems when chewing food, and it creates a noticeable gap in your smile. A missing tooth also leaves a figurative hole behind. It creates a problem that you need to address for the sake of your overall oral health. A dental prosthetic, like a dental bridge, can close the gaps in your mouth and restore your smile to normal after you suffer tooth loss. (more…)

Dental Crowns Are Fabricated with You in Mind

The damage caused to your teeth by tooth decay or physical accidents can have a major impact. It can make it more difficult for you to chew and enjoy food. It can cause you to lose confidence in the appearance of your smile. It can also point toward lasting damage that can have additional oral health consequences. When you need to repair your tooth a dental crown can help. These comprehensive restorations are fabricated with you in mind. That means that your dental crown is custom-made to fit your tooth and mouth. (more…)