Dental Fillings for Your Cavities Aren’t Optional

To maintain proper oral health, you need to make regular visits to your dentist for checkups, cleanings, and occasionally, restorative treatment. This requires you to schedule an attend appointments. When your dentist recommends a follow up appointment, you have to make and attend that appointment as well. That means that your oral health is in your hands, and you often have the option to pursue treatment or to not pursue treatment. However, to protect your teeth, you need to start thinking of oral healthcare as mandatory. Dental fillings for your cavities aren’t optional. (more…)

Why Are Dental Crowns Known as “Caps?”

If you’ve suffered any kind of significant damage to a tooth before, it’s likely that your dentist has treated the issue with a dental crown. If you’re just learning about dental crowns, these dental restorations are powerful tools that a dentist can use to fix a wide variety of oral health problems. Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps,” and that’s because they function like a cap for your tooth — fitting over the top of the tooth and protecting it. In today’s blog, we cover all of the ways that a dental crown can support a damaged tooth after treatment. (more…)

What Type of Issues Can Cosmetic Dentistry Correct?

Do you have a smile that you love? For many people, there are one or two small things they’d like to change about the state of their smile. However, many people don’t take the time to explore their cosmetic dentistry options. Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of different treatments — many of which can be completed in a single office visit — that can correct all kinds of issues. The first step you should take when you want to improve your smile is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist can find the right cosmetic procedure for your individual case. (more…)

What Should You Expect from Your Dental Visits?

It’s easy for visits to the dentist to become just a checklist item. It’s something you do every six months (hopefully) without really thinking about it. If this is your approach to visiting the dentist, you may actually be receiving inferior care! It’s reasonable to want to get a lot out of your biannual checkups. Quality dental care starts with information and education. Not only should your dental practice be providing you with good treatment, but the staff should help you understand your own oral health. When you’re an informed patient, you can better care for your teeth at home. (more…)

Find an Affordable Option for Tooth Replacement

Cost should never be a barrier when it comes to quality-of-life treatments, but unfortunately, sometimes it is. Cost can even prevent people from receiving treatment that they desperately need. Tooth loss is a condition that needs attention. When you lose one or many adult teeth, it can cause your remaining teeth to shift, creating an irregularity in your bite. It can also cause more oral health problems in your gums and neighboring teeth. Replacing your missing tooth is something you should absolutely do. If it’s a matter of finding an affordable tooth replacement option, your dentist can help you. (more…)

Can You Choose from Different Dental Crown Options?

Finding the right fit — in any situation — is all about having options available for you. That’s even true when it comes to restorations for your teeth. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for your teeth. You need treatment that is custom-fitted to your teeth for maximum comfort. If you need a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth, you’ll want that crown to be made based on measurements of your actual teeth, and you’ll want to have options available for the look and finish of the crown. It’s time to learn about the different options available to you for your dental crown. (more…)

Do You Need Braces to Correct Tooth Spacing?

Nearly everyone has some minor cosmetic adjustments they’d like to make to their teeth. That’s because your teeth typically don’t grow in and form a perfect smile on their own. Your teeth are affected by the shape and size of your jaw bone. Structural shifting beneath the surface of your gums can affect the way your teeth erupt and align. If you’ve got spacing issues that include crowding or strange gaps in your teeth, you may be wondering how you can correct for these imperfections. Do you really need years of braces to account for these spacing issues? (more…)

Time for a Dental Care Checklist

To maintain strong oral health, it’s important that you stick to an adequate care routine. It’s also important that you evaluate your care routine from time to time, to make sure you’re actually accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Take stock of how you care for your teeth at home, and what kind of treatment you’re receiving at the dentist’s office. When you take a preventive approach to your oral health, you’re often able to circumvent many of the common problems that plague teeth. (more…)

Can a Cavity Be Too Large to Fill?

Almost everyone develops at least one cavity in their lifetime. It’s easy for bacteria to build up on the surfaces of your teeth, and if you don’t clean them adequately, a cavity can form. It’s also important to note that tooth decay is a progressive condition, meaning it gets worse over time if you don’t treat the cause. Even if your teeth are healthy now, you can still develop a cavity in the future. It’s important to catch cavities before the situation becomes exacerbated. A cavity can become so severe that a tooth filling won’t repair it. (more…)

A Crash Course In Dental Implants

If you’re someone with a spotless dental health record, you may not think about options for tooth replacement. However, even people with strong oral health can still suffer an accident that causes tooth loss. It’s important to know that if you do lose a tooth, you have options for replacing that tooth. One of the best options for tooth replacement is a dental implant. Dental implants recreate the function and appearance of your original tooth, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice after losing a tooth. Here’s a brief crash course in dental implants. (more…)