FAQs: Should I Choose Dental Sealants for My Child?

smilegirldandelionHave your little one reached the age when we begin suggesting dental sealants for cavity prevention? If so, you probably have a variety of questions. We understand that parents feel strongly about educating themselves regarding their child’s dental care. To save you a little time and effort, we are answering some of your most common questions – those we often hear from a variety of parents – so you can feel confident and solid in your decision to choose sealants for your child’s teeth. If you find that you still have unanswered questions, please voice your concerns at your next appointment, so we may continue successfully guiding your child toward long-lasting oral health. 


Can Orthodontics Offer More Than Beauty?

smilebrunettesweaterSure, you know that agreeing to braces will improve the appearance of your smile, but have you ever wondered if orthodontics can offer more than beauty? You may be surprised to find out that improving the alignment of your smile may offer a variety of benefits that improve not only your appearance, but also your health and comfort. Learn a bit more about the ways orthodontic treatment can have a significantly positive impact on your life if you have been thinking about straightening out your smile.


Stocking Stuffer Suggestions for Healthier Teeth

StockingsAnother holiday season has come and almost gone. Since just after Halloween, stores have ensured that they get the most bang for the consumer buck by advertising holiday wares for sale. With all of those festive displays of themed merchandise, and sugarplums dancing in your head, don’t forget about the health of your teeth. If you still need a few last minute gift ideas, consider the universal appeal of dental presents.

Travel Sized Toothpaste

Skip the candy and head right to all of those little mini bottles of mouthwash, tiny toothpaste tubes, and small dental flosses. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer size and more functional than other tiny gifts. Most stores have a travel sized section, making shopping for this type of stocking stuffer a snap. Whether your gift recipient has a travel plans next year, or you think a loved one would love to make sure (more…)

Answering Questions About Tooth-Colored Fillings

woman thinking about tooth-colored fillingsTooth fillings may be among the most common restorative dentistry procedures today, but many people aren’t aware of just how far the restorations have come. For instance, not long ago, most fillings were made of a mixture, or amalgam, of various metals, such as silver, tin, and liquid mercury. Today, however, innovative composite resin is quickly overcoming metal amalgam in popularity. If you need a filling, or if you still have a metal one, then there are several things you should know about modern tooth-colored fillings. (more…)

FAQs: How Do I Stop Snoring?


Do you suffer from chronic snoring? If so, both you and your significant other could be suffering from poor sleep. In addition, this issue could be a warning sign of a serious disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. Find out what you can do to address this problem and obtain a good night’s rest.


Quiz: Common Dental Emergencies


What happens when you damage a tooth or experience a sudden toothache? Both of these situations are common examples of a dental emergency. You should contact your dentist right away if you encounter an emergency situation. However, if the issue is potentially life threatening, call 911 or go to the ER. There are also steps you can take to address the immediate discomfort of dental emergencies.


Important Information About Dental Hygiene

woman with toothbrushTooth decay is a prevalent problem that many patients will face in their lives. It is caused by oral bacteria that produce acid to attack your enamel. When a hole has been worn in your enamel, the bacteria is free to infect the rest of your tooth, so that you may have to have a filling or root canal treatment to save it. You may be able to protect your tooth from cavities by practicing good dental hygiene and following certain guidelines for protecting your teeth. (more…)

Why Restorative Dentistry is so Important

cavitiesThough there are many types of treatments a dentist can perform, restorative dentistry is one of the most important. Once preventive dentistry has failed, and a problem has occurred with your oral health, we can use restorative treatments to fix your teeth, remove decay, and fill gaps in your teeth. These treatments generally revolve around saving your teeth, because lost teeth can cause more problems for your oral health. However, restorative treatments may be able to fix these problems before they become too dangerous. (more…)

How to Deal With TMJ Disorders

woman with jaw painMany patients are dealing with pain in their jaws that they can’t explain. This pain can be intense or just bothersome, but you should seek a medical professional (doctor, dentist, or TMJ specialist) if you have chronic pain or can’t completely open or shut your jaw. TMJ disorders are treatable with oral appliances, certain medications, or at-home remedies, and we may be able to help you determine a treatment that can help you alleviate TMJ pain or deal with its root cause. (more…)