Why Some Dentists Use Fluoride Treatments

toothpaste and brushFluoride treatments may be something you have heard about in conjunction with preventive dentistry. Fluoride in general is commonly associated with dentistry, because of the mineral’s natural ability to help prevent cavities, which has led to fluoridated water, toothpastes, and other products. Some people have become concerned about fluorosis, a condition that causes changes in the appearance of teeth, generally in children’s teeth as they develop. Despite this, fluoride treatments are commonly used for their effectiveness and tend to have a low risk of causing problems if handled correctly. (more…)

How to Prevent Tooth Extraction

extracted toothDentists will generally try to save a tooth if at all possible.  Losing even one tooth can affect your oral health by leading to jawbone deterioration and other problems that can significantly impact your teeth. However, in some cases, extraction is the only option, because of the severity of trauma to the tooth. You may need a tooth extracted because of severe tooth decay, overcrowded teeth that affect your bite, or gum disease. If these problems occur, we can thoroughly examine your mouth to decide if tooth extraction is truly the best option for you. (more…)

Quiz: What Causes Toothaches?


Do you ever suffer from toothaches? This is a common dental issue that affects nearly everyone at some point in his or her life. What causes this problem in the first place? Understanding the cause of your discomfort is the first step toward relieving it. Your dentist in Vista, CA offers a number of possible solutions to an aching tooth.