How Can A Dental Crown Help Me?

How familiar are you with dental crowns? If you’ve heard of this type of treatment before, but never experienced it yourself, you may have plenty of questions. The first question you’d probably ask yourself is, “How can a dental crown help me?” Crowns are one of the most versatile treatment options that your dentist has at his or her disposal. Crowns act as a shield for vulnerable teeth. A crown is fabricated to match the shape and size of your mouth so that it fits alongside your other teeth. If you’ve suffered from any number of oral health conditions, a dental crown may be your way forward. (more…)

Is That A Natural Tooth Or A Dental Implant?

No one wants to deal with the fallout from losing a tooth. Whether it’s through decay or an accident, adult tooth loss presents plenty of difficulties. There’s the immediate problems that arise — pain and an inability to chew foods as easily. You’ll also deal with the loss of confidence that comes from losing a tooth (or several teeth). Then there are the long-term effects. Untreated tooth loss can cause your remaining teeth to shift. This creates a difference in your bite that can lead to added pressure on certain teeth, wearing them down prematurely. You need a solution after tooth loss. Dental implants present an option that are as good as natural. (more…)

Saying “No” To A Filling Means Saying “Yes” To More Problems

It may be hard to remember when you’re learning that you’ll need a procedure, but your dentist always has your best interest in mind. If your dentist is recommending treatment, you should complete that procedure as soon as possible. That’s because problems related to oral health stem almost entirely from bacterial infection. When bacteria and plaque build up along your gum line or on your tooth, you suffer. You need to remove this bacteria to begin healing. If you say “no” to a dental filling now, you’re actually saying “yes” to a longer list of problems moving forward. (more…)

Your Smile Makeover Might Not Take Much

When you hear the phrase “makeover,” it can sound like a big process. However, makeovers are about the end result. If you look and feel transformed, then the makeover is a success. Well, when it comes to giving yourself a smile makeover, it might take less than you think. Your cosmetic makeover doesn’t have to involve a laundry list of procedures and visits to the dentist’s office. Even a simple process, like dental bonding and contouring, can do wonders for the appearance of your smile. (more…)

Time to Decide on the Right Dental Crown

When it comes to solving any problem, it’s all about finding the right solution for your situation. In the case of tooth restoration, you have plenty of options to help you recover. You need to know which tool is right for the job. Dental crowns provide stability and esthetic recovery for you when your tooth has suffered damage or decay. Within the world of dental crowns, there are still plenty of different options that you might choose based on your situation. It’s time for you to decide on the right dental crown for your needs. (more…)

Don’t Let Tooth Loss Set You Back

Losing your permanent adult teeth causes pain and frustration for you. You may not be sure what to do in the wake of tooth loss. If you don’t quickly, complacency can set in, and you may find yourself just “getting by” with the effects of tooth loss for months or even years. Tooth loss doesn’t have to set you back. There are plenty of ways to address the loss of one or multiple teeth in your mouth. You can find a solution, like a dental bridge, that repairs the damage left behind by tooth loss. This is how restorative dentistry can bring your smile back. (more…)

Dental Education Starts from a Young Age

Children are prone to adopt habits. This can be a negative thing when it comes to sugary snacks, but it can also be an opportunity for you as a parent. By starting education on topics like dental health at a young age, you can help your children build positive habits and relationships early on. This pays huge dividends later, as it often leads to better lifestyle choices. You have a partner in the dental education process: your dentist! Work with your dentist to help your little one develop strong oral hygiene habits. (more…)

Have You Explored Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

Almost everyone has a few things they would change about their smile. Crowding, stains, and irregular shapes can create an appearance that leaves you less than 100% comfortable with the state of your teeth. If you’ve been wanting to improve your smile, you may have considered cosmetic dentistry. The amount of treatment options you have can be overwhelming, which makes it difficult to start. Different treatment methods work better for different situations, so here’s a helpful guide to get you on your way to benefiting from cosmetic dentistry. (more…)

Don’t Forget Your Next Dental Checkup

Thanks to the Internet and modern technology, it has never been easier to schedule things. By the same token, it has never been easier to forget something on the schedule. Everyone packs so many activities into their schedule, that you’re bound to slip up and forget about a meeting or event. However, your biannual dental checkups are something you can’t afford to forget. These checkups give your dentist the chance to thoroughly clean your teeth, and to examine your teeth and gums for any developing problems. Spotting a condition early on can save you so much time and treatment later. Don’t forget your next dental checkup. (more…)

How Can Veneers Help my Smile?

Many people want to make adjustments to their smile to help them feel their best about their teeth. Sometimes your teeth need a little help; sometimes you’ve got several issues to address. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry as a solution, you’ve probably got lots of questions. There are so many options when it comes to adjusting your teeth that it can feel a little overwhelming. If you’ve heard of porcelain veneers before, you may be wondering how they can help. Porcelain veneers provide a number of cosmetic benefits for your smile in just one treatment. (more…)