Does it Matter if Baby Teeth are Lost too Soon?

Lost Tooth KidLosing a baby tooth is an exciting milestone for a child and a parent. As you watch your little one excitedly place a note under their pillow, you figure out just how much the tooth fairy should leave. Unfortunately, losing a tooth because of decay or injury is not as pleasant of a prospect, even if it is a baby tooth. We tend to be as attached to our teeth as they are to us. When a child’s tooth gets lost before its time, Carlsbad dentist, Dr. Alexander Sabet may want to discuss some options with you.

Primary Teeth

Primary teeth is the clinical term for what many refer to as baby teeth. They are designed to function temporarily. Nevertheless, losing primary teeth naturally creates the ideal conditions for permanent teeth to erupt through the gums with all the best spacing. When early extraction is necessary, or a child’s tooth is lost accidentally, it can cause problems in a growing mouth.

  • Some of the possibilities for early tooth loss in a child include:
  • Severe tooth decay leading to premature extraction of primary teeth.
  • High impact injuries knocking out a tooth which wasn’t even loose.
  • Biting down hard on a non-food item.


Understanding and Coping with TMJ

iv-sedationAccording to the Mayo Clinic, TMJ-related pain most often occurs to women between 20 and 40 but can often strike other age groups. TMJ pain is disruptive to everyday functioning. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to your skull. It controls the up and down and side to side movement of your jaw. When it develops complications, the pain in your jaw or facial muscles may become difficult to ignore. Your Vista dentist, Dr. Alexander Sabet, treats TMJ disorders as well as a broad range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs. His comfortable office and caring staff provide amenities such as blankets and aromatherapy to put patients at ease so that every dental visit can be both productive and stress-free.

Symptoms of TMJ-related disorders