Broken Tooth? A Dental Crown Can Help

Package Vista CAHave you recently experienced an injury to one or more of your existing teeth? If so, take the time to speak with a dentist about repair quickly. Your natural enamel provides protection for the more vulnerable areas within your tooth and without it, you could develop an internal infection. When bacteria reach the collection of soft tissue known as pulp, they can become a serious problem for your smile, requiring additional restorative measures or even an extraction!

At our office in Vista, CA, we can help you to renew your smile with the use of an elegant cental crown. This method uses a sturdy cap that your dentist cements to the top of your existing tooth structure, giving you the freedom to chew and bite with confidence. Using the latest technology, we will craft you a custom new crown so that you can continue your life without the pain of an internal tooth infection. Talk to a qualified provider about your options in material, as we have multiple choices in order to help you to receive a lasting repair that suits your smile.

Talk To Your Dentist About A Crown Quickly After You Notice Enamel Damage

If you have recently injured one of your teeth, take the time to speak with a qualified emergency dentist as soon as safely possible. Even if it only seems like a small crack or chip, you may have removed the durable outer layer. This material is known as enamel, and it protects the more porous dentin that makes up the majority of your tooth.

Without the barrier that enamel provides, you are at risk of developing an internal tooth infection. This happens when bacteria start to take hold within the collection of soft tissue called pulp. This situation can lead to a seriously nasty toothache, and if left untreated, your infection will start to spread into the bone matter of your jaw. Before this occurs, talk to your dentist about repair.

Find A Repair That Meets Your Smile Needs

When you need a restorative process to renew your dental defenses, talk to your provider about a dental crown. This durable appliance-based solution gives you a new chewing surface without the need for an extraction. Instead, your dentist will cement a sturdy cap atop your existing structure.

Your crown can be made from a number of resilient materials, including zirconia or metals. Reach out to your dentist about your options, as each has its own set of strengths. When you break a tooth, it is important to remember that repair is possible!

Restoring Your Broken Tooth With Melrose Dental Arts

If you have broken or cracked a tooth, do not wait to seek treatment! Call our team at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at (760)724-9117 and talk with a knowledgeable provider about a beautiful new dental crown!