Can Cosmetic Dentistry Create a Functional Upgrade?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to give you a straight, bright smile. Why is this so important? Having a beautiful smile can boost your confidence and make you more comfortable in social situations. Cosmetic treatments include options like dental bonding and contouring, dental veneers, and professional whitening. While “cosmetic dentistry” is the official name for this branch of dentistry, the positive effects of the treatments aren’t limited to appearances. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can also create a functional upgrade for your bite.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make Your Bite Fit Together Comfortably

How comfortable is your bite? You may have learned to live with whatever reality you’re experiencing, so you might not always notice issues with your bite. However, chipped teeth, or teeth with jagged edges can create problems with your bite. These unusual surfaces can create discomfort when you chew or when you move your tongue around your mouth. Cosmetic treatments that improve the appearance of your smile may also improve the comfort of your bite. Dental contouring can shape your enamel to get rid of any harsh edges that would cause you pain.

An Even Bite Works Better and Creates Less Wear

In addition to creating a more comfortable experience for you, an even bite also has long-term health benefits for your teeth. A bite that is aligned and meets together evenly is more efficient. It works better and makes it easier to chew food. It also creates less wear on your teeth. If certain teeth are always touching while chewing while others aren’t, these teeth may wear down quicker, reducing the viability of your teeth. Cosmetic adjustments that create an even bite may also be preserving your teeth for the future!

Find a Cosmetic Dentistry Option that Improves Appearance and Function

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t limited to giving you a perfect smile. Your beautiful new smile may also aid in the care of your teeth. Dental bonding and contouring gently adjust the shape and volume of your dental enamel. Contouring can smooth out any rough or jagged edges. Dental bonding can add volume and shape to your teeth to give you a more proportional smile. Whatever defect in your smile needs adjustment, your dentist can find a way to help with cosmetic treatment.

Schedule Cosmetic Treatment at Melrose Dental Arts

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