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Recognizing Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Medical Concept: Black Chalkboard with Periodontitis. Medical Concept: Black Chalkboard with Handwritten Medical Concept - Periodontitis with White Stethoscope. Top View. 3D Rendering.

It goes without saying that your smile’s health is of the utmost importance. After all, not only is it the first physical attribute a person notices about you, but it can communicate higher levels of confidence and happiness with life. Moreover, a healthy smile is a strong one, and your grin requires additional care to… Read more »

Professional Care Every Six Months

Young Female patient with open mouth examining dental inspection at dentist office

Nothing is more cumbersome than losing a natural tooth as an adult. In fact, adult teeth are considered permanent, meaning if they are lost or extracted, they will not come back on their own. Indeed, restorative dental procedures are helpful in mitigating damage and stopping the spread of dangerous infections, however, it is not ideal… Read more »

Why Your Checkup Matters

It is not surprising that dental decay is arguably the biggest threat to your oral health, as it is one of the most common oral concerns out there. In fact, millions of people every year experience decay in some form or another, often not seeking proper help or guidance until it has significantly progressed. Indeed,… Read more »

Protecting Tiny Smiles With Preventive Dentistry

Younger smiles need just as much attention – if not more – as adults when it comes to their dental health. Indeed, preventive dentistry is the name of the game, providing healthy smiles for life if cared for properly. While cosmetic and restorative dentistry are helpful in regards to appearance and function, respectively, preventive dentistry… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Checkup?

Your oral health consists of more than just a cavity hunt. In fact, seeking assistance from a professional can help you maintain a lifelong healthy smile if you make sure to follow an adequate health routine. If not, you will endure minor to major concerns such as infections, decay, and even tooth loss. In today’s… Read more »

When Decay Causes Cavities

It is no surprise that one of the biggest threats to your oral health involve decay. Indeed, harmful oral bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments that are difficult to clean, making the gums and back molars an ideal home to grow and cause destruction. Attending your routine examination and cleaning twice a year is an… Read more »

Is it Time for Your 6-Month Checkup?

We are currently heading into the second week of 2021 with higher hopes than we had in most of 2020. Indeed, this year for many is going to be a year of major change, hopefully for the better, as many have set goals to stay on top of their health and happiness, including attending routine… Read more »