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Suffering from Tooth Sensitivity? Here’s What Could Help

Is your morning cup of coffee now accompanied by pretty severe dental discomfort? Does sharing an ice cream cone with your kid suddenly seem a lot less exciting, because of moderate to severe tooth sensitivity? While minor sensitivity is not uncommon, particularly when trying to enjoy hot or cold items, heightened or severe sensitivity could… Read more »

How A Regular Teeth Cleaning Benefits You

Your daily efforts to keep your teeth clean play a big part in managing your risk for a cavity. The combined benefits of brushing and flossing – when done effectively – can help you prevent the onset of decay. However, at-home care should not be the only form of cleaning your teeth receive. You should… Read more »

New Research Studies the Effects of Tooth Loss

The International & American Associations for Dental Research recently reviewed a large study that found that depression and anxiety are associated with tooth loss. 76,292 adults completed a thorough telephone survey, and 13.4% of participants reported anxiety, 16.7% reported depression, and 5.7% reported total tooth loss. The data suggests that individuals experiencing tooth loss encounter… Read more »