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Dental Fillings for Your Cavities Aren’t Optional

To maintain proper oral health, you need to make regular visits to your dentist for checkups, cleanings, and occasionally, restorative treatment. This requires you to schedule an attend appointments. When your dentist recommends a follow up appointment, you have to make and attend that appointment as well. That means that your oral health is in… Read more »

Saying “No” To A Filling Means Saying “Yes” To More Problems

It may be hard to remember when you’re learning that you’ll need a procedure, but your dentist always has your best interest in mind. If your dentist is recommending treatment, you should complete that procedure as soon as possible. That’s because problems related to oral health stem almost entirely from bacterial infection. When bacteria and… Read more »

A Dental Filling Starts the Healing Now

When you have a problem, how often does “doing nothing” help? You know that until you take action, your condition won’t improve, but it’s all too easy to put things off for a later time. You can’t afford to take that approach with tooth decay. While you may not feel or notice the negative effects… Read more »

Follow Up on that Tooth Filling Now

Life is full of obligations and activities. You’ll always be busy keeping up with bill payments, appointments, and meetings. You often have to prioritize your schedule to avoid going crazy. You decide which things to address now, and which can sit on the back burner. Maybe you need your oil changed, but it can happen… Read more »

Your Dental Filling Experience

Have you long been a member of the cavity-free club and are sorry to say your membership has just expired? Or, perhaps you have had a cavity filled before but it has been quite some time (and you’re feeling just a bit nervous). Whatever the case, we are always happy to provide explanations about what… Read more »