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What To Do About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth problem. Medically accurate tooth 3D animation

Restorative dental treatments such as composite fillings, dental crowns, and root canal therapy have made it possible to mitigate damage caused by infection without having to resort to dental extraction. Indeed, nobody wants to lose a natural tooth if it can be helped, but bear in mind that sometimes, your oral structures may have a… Read more »

Dangers of Oral Cancer

April is finally here, which means that it is oral cancer awareness month! Indeed, preventive dentistry serves a grand purpose in preserving our overall oral health, and making sure all aspects are covered underneath this large umbrella is a must. The unfortunate truth is, however, that a number of individuals do not keep it on… Read more »

Make Consistent Flossing Part Of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

How consistent is your oral hygiene routine, and how thorough is it? We face persistent threats from oral bacteria, and those threats become harder to prevent without an effective approach to dental care. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that they are making preventive care more difficult for themselves because they are not flossing. When… Read more »

Which Halloween Candy Should My Child Avoid?

The fall season brings all kinds of fun events with it: the changing of the leaves, return to school, and of course, Halloween. You know it’s truly autumn when you see an array of elaborate decorations and creative costumes. However, Halloween is also full of spooky surprises as well. Nothing is scarier than the cost… Read more »

Why Does My Dentist Recommend Fluoride Treatment?

During your dental checkup and cleaning appointment, your dentist may recommend that you start using toothpaste with fluoride, or that you undergo a topical fluoride treatment in his office. The mineral fluoride has been an important and popular product of dental care for decades, boosting patients’ abilities to prevent tooth decay and cavities from forming…. Read more »