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Can Your Mouth Cause Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that consists of reddish, pinkish areas of raised or thickened scaling skin. It is itchy and mainly affects the scalp, elbows, and knees.  So, what does psoriasis have to do with your mouth? Periodontal disease has been linked to many other bodily diseases as of late, including dementia, diabetes, heart… Read more »

What Is A Gingival Pocket?

Have you ever wondered what holds your teeth in place? The roots of your teeth extend into your gums and down into your jawbone, but they are held there by more than just your gingival tissue. Your teeth are held in place by periodontal ligaments as well as your gingiva. Your gingiva is the pink… Read more »

The Difference Between General Dentistry And Orthodontics

Melrose Dental Arts offers a variety of dental services that fall under different dental specialties. For instance, in addition to general dentistry, orthodontics and sleep dentistry are different specialties that require extra training. Although cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a dental field per se, several years of training beyond general dentistry are required. There… Read more »

Adult Braces

Believe it or not, many adults wear braces. Some adults are too self-conscious, however, to take the plunge. As an adult who might have children in braces, wearing braces can seem embarrassing, but braces no longer come with the stigma they used to. At Melrose Dental Arts we offer a variety of adult braces including… Read more »

Aaaah, Dog Germs!

Remember Lucy from the Peanuts? Snoopy would kiss her all the time and she would go nuts because she thought she had dog germs. Well, there is no doubt that dogs have germs. They have as many bacteria in their mouth as humans do and humans have over 700 different varieties of bacteria hunkering down… Read more »

Whitening Floss: For Real?

You may not be surprised that there is dental floss that boasts whitening powers. In fact, you may figure it was only a matter of time since tooth whitening has become a multi-billion dollar business. But you have to wonder how it works and if it works. Teeth whitening whether it is done professionally or… Read more »

What Do Preventive Orthodontics Consist Of?

The dental term orthodontics brings to mind the “correction” of dental irregularities such as crooked teeth. But orthodontics is not only about the correction, it is also about the prevention of dental problems. Perhaps you didn’t know that your dentist or orthodontist can help prevent problems from developing with your child’s teeth. Imagine preventing them… Read more »