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Unhappy With Past Whitening Efforts? Talk To Your Dentist

If you are diligent about keeping your teeth clean, and are mindful enough to limit your consumption of items that can stain them, dental discoloration can be effectively managed. However, if you suspect your teeth are duller now than they were in the past, you may need more help than over-the-counter whitening products can provide…. Read more »

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

What do you want from a teeth whitening treatment? The obvious answer is, “whiter teeth.” However, people who are interested in improving the color of their smile can have questions about the process, and its ultimate effectiveness. Your tooth discoloration can stem from different sources. Traditional whiteners are intended to clear up stains in your… Read more »

Can You Over Bleach Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, has become a common cosmetic treatment. There are over-the-counter whiteners, or you can have your teeth whitened professionally. Teeth whitening doesn’t last forever no matter which kind you choose. You need to touch up your teeth in between whitenings, but be careful. Although teeth whitening products have been deemed safe, you… Read more »

Whitening Floss: For Real?

You may not be surprised that there is dental floss that boasts whitening powers. In fact, you may figure it was only a matter of time since tooth whitening has become a multi-billion dollar business. But you have to wonder how it works and if it works. Teeth whitening whether it is done professionally or… Read more »

Do I Qualify for Teeth Whitening?

Most people feel strongly about achieving a white, dazzling smile. However, that does not mean every patient who visits us feels comfortable asking about the incredible benefits of teeth whitening. We find that this is often the case simply because they are not sure whether they qualify as candidates for this cosmetic treatment. Rather than… Read more »

FAQs: Do I Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

What happens when you notice your smile has become stained? If discoloration has dulled your teeth, you may benefit from a cosmetic treatment. Dr. Alexander Sabet offers professional teeth whitening in Vista, CA. To find out if this could improve your smile’s appearance, take a look at our frequently asked questions below.