Color-Matched Dental Fillings Have Multiple Benefits

Cavities are uncomfortable, but they can be treated in relatively straightforward fashion. If you visit your dentist quickly after a cavity has developed, and you receive a dental filling, your problem can go away. Letting your cavities lead to more extensive issues like infected root canals. It’s best to choose a dental filling and move forward, and with options for color-matched dental fillings, you won’t have to worry about the cosmetic effect this treatment has on your smile. In fact, color-matched dental fillings actually have multiple benefits.

Color-Matched Dental Fillings Are Made with Composite

Color-matched dental fillings can be made using a resin composite. This material is tooth-colored, and can be treated to precisely match the shade and appearance of your natural tooth. That means that after receiving your filling, your teeth will look great, and others won’t notice your restoration when you smile. Metal fillings have been a traditional filling choice in the past because of their strength and durability, but composite fillings actually provide plenty of strength and stability in their own right.

Fillings Made with Composite Don’t Conduct Heat Like Metal

The cosmetic appeal of a tooth-colored filling is enough to make it a preferred choice for patients, but there are other benefits that come with this type of filling. Metal fillings conduct heat, which means that they can heat up and cool down, causing pain in sensitive teeth. You don’t want your fillings to cause you pain, that’s one of the reasons you get a filling in the first place. Composite fillings don’t conduct heat like metal, so they won’t activate sensitive teeth and cause you discomfort. This type of filling is also useful for individuals with metal allergies.

A More Malleable Material Means a Better Fit

Finally, composite material is malleable as it is poured and set. Metal amalgam is more rigid, and it doesn’t actually bond directly to your tooth. Composite material fills your cavity more completely and bonds to the tooth, making for a better fit. At the end of the day, fit is probably the most important factor in your dental filling. If the fit isn’t right and your bite feels awkward, it can disrupt your daily life. Composite fillings create a better fit that needs less maintenance over time.

Choose a Color-Matched Dental Filling at Melrose Dental Arts

If your teeth have developed cavities, treat them as soon as possible. At Melrose Dental Arts, we use composite fillings that we can color match to your natural tooth. We will restore your damaged teeth so that you can eat and smile comfortably again. Schedule an appointment for restorative treatment at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117.