Could You Be Struggling with Gum Disease?

Could You Be Struggling with Gum Disease?Have you been troubled when flossing, recently, to see blood in the sink? If so, you might think it is because you are flossing wrong or even too often. Unfortunately, this is likely far from the truth! In most cases, bleeding gums are actually a warning sign of gum disease, a chronic condition that can lead to tooth loss, if left to progress. The gums, like the teeth, require regular dental care to remain healthy long-term. Fortunately, if you are struggling with gingivitis, or otherwise unhealthy gums, your dentist can likely help to restore your oral health, through specialized periodontal care.

What Are the Signs of Periodontitis?

While bleeding gums are often one of the most obvious warning signs of periodontitis, another name for gum disease, they are not the only potential indicator that your gums health could be in jeopardy.

Inflamed or easily irritated gum tissue can be another warning of gingivitis. Even gums that appear dark red or purple in color are generally unhealthy. (Healthy gum tissue should generally be a light pink shade.) The gums should also be tight to the teeth. If you have noticed recession, it is likely due to some degree of gum disease.

How Can a Dentist Help Improve Your Oral Health?

In some cases, particularly if gingivitis is caught in its earliest stages, a simple dental cleaning from your family dentist could be all that is necessary to restore the oral health. For many patients, though, more extensive periodontal care is actually needed to reverse the symptoms of gum disease. This generally involves a combination of scaling and root planning, which is used to break up bacteria specifically along the gumline.

In Need of Periodontal Care?

Preventive dentistry helps to protect the teeth and gums, but in some cases more extensive periodontal cleanings could be necessary. Call Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA, today at (760) 724-9117 to schedule a preventive appointment or a restorative consolation. Dr. Amiri proudly treats patients from Vista, as well as the surrounding areas of Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Escondido.