Dental Bonding Is a Multi-Faceted Fix

The appearance of your teeth is a sensitive issue. If you have a problem with the appearance of your teeth, it can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. When you become expressive you, you typically show your teeth. Yawning, laughing, chewing, and speaking all reveal your teeth, so if you have a confidence issue with your teeth, it can really hamper you socially. Cosmetic dental procedures can improve the appearance of your smile, restoring your confidence and charisma. Dental bonding is one such cosmetic procedure, the benefits of which are multi-faceted.

Dental Bonding Adds Volume and Shape to Your Teeth

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses dental resin to add shape and volume to your teeth. Your dentist can apply this biocompatible material to a tooth that is significantly smaller than other teeth, or to a tooth that has a sharp edge to it. The bonding can be completed during just a single visit, and the material used in the procedure is strong and durable. If your teeth need a little help to form a symmetrical smile, bonding may be just the procedure you’re looking for. This non-invasive treatment is simple and straightforward for your dentist.

Dental Bonding Can Also Improve Your Day-to-Day Experience

Cosmetic dentistry is all about improving your confidence, but creating a straight smile can also have other benefits. Dental bonding can provide a multi-faceted improvement because the procedure can eliminate sharp and jagged edges. These type of surfaces on your teeth can occur naturally, or because of wear. Sharp teeth can actually cause your tongue or cheek pain, and creating a rounded edge to the tooth, or smoothing out a rough surface will reduce the discomfort that you experience.

Dental Bonding Can Be Paired with Dental Contouring

What if the tooth you need fixed isn’t too small, but rather, too large? Dental contouring is another gentle cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile, and reduce discomfort. Dental contouring is a procedure during which your dentist will gently shape your enamel to create a more symmetrical appearance. If your tooth has a hard or uncomfortable edge, your dentist can round the edge of your enamel with gentle shaping that can be performed in one office visit.

Learn About Dental Bonding Options at Melrose Dental Arts

Melrose Dental Arts provides cosmetic dentistry procedures so that you can look your best. Your comfort with your smile is a huge component of your confidence. If you have teeth that are holding you back, it’s time to explore cosmetic options at Melrose Dental Arts. Dr. Amiri can walk you through a complimentary consultation to create a custom cosmetic plan. Schedule your initial appointment at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117.