Dental Crowns Are Fabricated with You in Mind

The damage caused to your teeth by tooth decay or physical accidents can have a major impact. It can make it more difficult for you to chew and enjoy food. It can cause you to lose confidence in the appearance of your smile. It can also point toward lasting damage that can have additional oral health consequences. When you need to repair your tooth a dental crown can help. These comprehensive restorations are fabricated with you in mind. That means that your dental crown is custom-made to fit your tooth and mouth.

Dental Crowns Can Be Fabricated from a Number of Materials

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps for your teeth. The crown fits over the tooth and restores its appearance and function. Your dentist would recommend a dental crown for a tooth that has been severely damaged and needs protection from further damage. Your dentist can use a number of different materials when fabricating your dental crown. All metal dental crowns are the strongest option, and are good fits for molars — teeth that utilize a lot of force when chewing. Porcelain dental crowns are ideal for visible teeth, because they’re tooth colored. By using dental ceramics, your dentist can precisely match the color and appearance of your natural tooth.

Dental Crowns Are Fabricated After Taking Precise Measurements of Your Teeth

Just as your dentist will recommend a dental crown material with you in mind, he or she will also use your actual teeth when mocking up the fabrication of your dental crown. Your dentist will take precise measurements of the tooth receiving the crown, as well as the surrounding teeth, so that the crown fits comfortably alongside your other teeth. Crucially, your dentist will also take measurements of the surface of the tooth above or below the tooth receiving the crown. This way, you can be assured that your tooth will come together comfortably with the crown while chewing.

Dental Crowns Protect You Against Further Damage to Teeth

If you have experienced damage to one of your teeth, a dental crown is the best option to secure it. Dental crowns cover the vulnerable tooth to ensure that no more physical damage occurs, but also to keep bacterial infection from destroying your tooth once more. Dental crowns can save the viability of your tooth and allow you to comfortably enjoy food the way you would have before the damage.

Melrose Dental Arts Offers a Variety of Dental Crown Materials

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