Dental Crowns Provide a Physical Barrier for Your Tooth

Dental crowns are dental restorations that your dentist can create to protect your teeth. If you have healthy teeth and you’ve never needed extensive treatment for cavities or infections, you probably haven’t needed a dental crown. These tooth-like fabrications fit over your tooth to protect it after the tooth has sustained damage. The crown is important because it allows you to retain the natural appearance of your tooth while providing a strong physical barrier. This barrier keeps out bacteria, and prevents additional physical harm from happening to your tooth.

Bacteria Will Fill a Hole in Your Tooth

Over time, bacteria build up on the surfaces of your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth, that bacteria will eventually damage the enamel of your tooth and create a hole. You’ll likely notice a black spot, and the hole left behind by the bacteria is called a “cavity.” While bacteria can create a hole in your tooth, they can also reenter it if you don’t repair the hole. That’s why your dentist will want to give you a filling when you have a cavity. Dental crowns take this idea a step further. The crown creates a physical barrier that keeps bacteria from invading a vulnerable part of your tooth.

If You Need Root Canal Therapy, You Also Need a Dental Crown

In addition to extensive cavity protection, dental crowns are also used to protect teeth that need root canal therapy. When bacteria cause infection deep within your tooth, they can reach the root canals of your teeth. From there, the bacteria can spread to other tissues in your mouth. You may experience pain in your jaws or ears. You may also experience unexplained infection in other parts of your mouth. Root canal therapy clears out this bacteria, but the tooth being treated is still vulnerable. That’s why your dentist uses the physical barrier created by a dental crown for these teeth.

Dental Crowns’ Physical Barriers Also Prevent Physical Harm

Biological threats aren’t the only type of threats that can harm your teeth. While your teeth are very hard and durable, they can still be subject to physical damage. Any tooth that has been made vulnerable by infection or physical ailment can be at risk for physical damage from the foods you eat or from possible accidents. Dental crowns act as physical barriers that prevent physical harm as well. If you have a vulnerable tooth that can still function as a natural tooth, your dentist will probably recommend a dental crown.

Choose a Dental Crown at Melrose Dental Arts

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