Dental Crowns Work Alongside Bridges

Restorative dentistry is truly an amazing field. With a series of procedures available to your dentist, he or she can reconstruct and rebuild damaged teeth. That means you don’t have to live with pain in your life. First and foremost, if you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity or pain, you should see your dentist! He or she can prescribe the right restorative treatment to help you feel better. One of those treatment options is a dental crown. These versatile solutions can be used to protect damaged teeth, and even aid in constructing a prosthetic, like a dental bridge.

Dental Crowns Hold Dental Bridges in Place

A dental bridge is a useful prosthetic that can replace a series of missing teeth in your mouth. If you have suffered the loss of several teeth in sequence, your dentist can measure the surrounding teeth to construct replacement teeth (these are known as “pontics”) that fit in place of the lost teeth. Your dentist will use bookending dental crowns to help hold the prosthetic in place. The dental crowns fit over your remaining teeth to hold the prosthetic in place. This means the prosthetic is removable, in case it needs maintenance.

Dental Crowns Can Also Be Used as Standalone Treatments

Dental crowns can also be used to protect vulnerable teeth on their own. In the case of a bridge, the dental crown fits over a tooth to serve as a stabilizing component in the prosthetic. A crown can also fit over a damaged tooth to prevent it from suffering further physical or biological damage. The crown provides structural stability in cases when tooth decay has worn down a tooth to an extreme degree.

Don’t Live with Dental Pain, Talk to Melrose Dental Arts

Restorative dentistry truly does offer some incredible solutions to remedy tooth pain. You don’t have to suffer from the effects of decay for the rest of your life. Work with the team at Melrose Dental Arts to repair your smile. Dr. Amiri and his friendly staff will create a treatment plan that works for you and your situation. To schedule your consultation for restorative treatment, contact Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117 today.