Dental Fillings for Your Cavities Aren’t Optional

To maintain proper oral health, you need to make regular visits to your dentist for checkups, cleanings, and occasionally, restorative treatment. This requires you to schedule an attend appointments. When your dentist recommends a follow up appointment, you have to make and attend that appointment as well. That means that your oral health is in your hands, and you often have the option to pursue treatment or to not pursue treatment. However, to protect your teeth, you need to start thinking of oral healthcare as mandatory. Dental fillings for your cavities aren’t optional.

A Dental Filling Halts Cavity Progression in Your Tooth

The purpose of a dental filling is to plug up a hole in your tooth. How does that hole get there in the first place? Bacteria. Bacteria aggregate on your teeth and form plaques. Over time, this bacteria metabolize simple sugars found in your mouth and produce acid as a byproduct. That acid is corrosive to your tooth enamel, and it will create a hole — a cavity. When you receive a dental filling from your dentist, your dentist will remove the bacteria buildup that is present, and fill in the cavity with a biocompatible material.

Dental Fillings Repair The Appearance and Function of Your Tooth

In addition to halting the corrosive damage that bacteria cause, your dental filling restores your damaged tooth. A tooth with a hole in it is compromised. You don’t want bacteria building up in that cavity, which is nearly impossible to reach for cleaning. A dental filling plugs the hole to protect the interior of the tooth. Your dental filling also repairs the appearance of your tooth. Your dentist has tooth-colored filling options, like dental resin or porcelain, so your restoration won’t stick out after the fact.

Don’t Think of Your Dental Filling as Optional

You have to be the one to move forward with a dental filling, and you should. If you start thinking of procedures like this as optional, you’re only going to end up with more oral health issues. Untreated cavities will become worse and worse, until eventually, the entire tooth is compromised. You may need root canal therapy, a dental crown, or even tooth extraction to treat the damaged tooth if you wait. Don’t think of treatments like dental fillings as optional. Treat oral health issues right away to ensure a healthy future.

Melrose Dental Arts Offers Tooth-Colored Filling Options

If you need a filling to repair a cavity, Melrose Dental Arts is here to help. You can choose from tooth-colored filling options that are discreet. If you need to fill a cavity, make sure you complete this procedure as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117.