Dental Treatments Using Composite Resin

dental treatments using composite resinComposite resin is a useful, versatile material that your dentist can use to perform restorative work on teeth, as well as for cosmetic dental improvements. The tooth-colored material can bond directly to your teeth, and capture the look of your enamel effectively. In fact, it can even have its color tinted to match up to your enamel. Composite resin is used to create dental fillings, with the material holding several advantages over metal fillings. It is also used in dental bonding, a procedure where your dentist can cover up visual flaws.

Why Composite Resin Works So Well As A Dental Filling

As long as your cavity is not large enough to call for a dental crown, your dentist will restore your tooth with a dental filling. After taking out the infected material and cleaning your tooth, the composite resin can bond directly to your tooth to occupy the affected area. In addition to a more pleasing appearance, the ability to bond directly to your tooth means that there will not be a small amount of separation between the tooth and the filling. Composite resin also reacts less to high or low temperatures than metal, which further helps keep it stably held in your tooth.

Using Composite Resin In Cosmetic Dental Work

Dental bonding can be a one-visit means of covering up unsightly dental flaws. Chips, cracks, discoloration, and even issues with a tooth’s size and shape can be treated with this procedure. One reason people will choose to undergo dental bonding is that it can be cheaper than electing to have porcelain veneers placed on their teeth. However, the porcelain material used to construct veneers is more durable than composite resin.