Dental Veneers Could Give You the Smile You’re After

A perfectly straight, white smile is hard to come by without a little help. That’s because your teeth take on a lot of wear and tear over the years. Even if your teeth aren’t sustaining cavities, they may become worn down from use, and they may pick up stains as the result of the food you eat and drinks you drink. Plus, most people’s teeth don’t start out perfectly symmetrical and proportional. So, how can you wind up with a pleasing smile that lights up a room? Well, dental veneers are a cosmetic solution that could give you the smile you’re after.

Dental Veneers Fit Over Your Natural Teeth

Dental veneers are thin sheets of dental porcelain fabricated to exact specifications. That means that they can be created as a set to give you a symmerical, balanced smile. Dental veneers don’t require extensive, invasive treatment either. Your porcelain dental veneers will be bonded to the surfaces of your existing natural teeth. By using the structure of your teeth already in place, you can be sure that you won’t lose any function after undergoing treatment. Dental veneers are strong and durable.

Porcelain Dental Veneers Correct for a Number of Smile Defects

In addition to being minimally invasive, dental veneers are also incredibly versatile. A set of porcelain veneers can compensate for any number of defects in your smile. If you have certain teeth that are proportionally shorter or smaller than other teeth, veneers can even out your smile. Dental veneers can also cover any strange surface problems on your teeth like grooves, ridges, or jagged edges. Dental veneers can also be used to help brighten the appearance of your smile. This is particularly useful in cases where your teeth staining isn’t happening in the surface layer of your enamel.

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Healthy Before Treatment

Since dental veneers rely on the health and stability of your natural teeth, you’ll want to make sure your teeth are healthy before you undergo cosmetic treatment. If you have any cavities, or you’re dealing with gum disease, you need to treat these conditions first before moving forward with a treatment like porcelain dental veneers. Your dentist will cover this with you when you inquire about treatment.

Choose Dental Veneers at Melrose Dental Arts

A brighter, straighter smile is possible with cosmetic dentistry. If there are some defects with your smile that you’d like to address, come visit our team at Melrose Dental Arts. During your initial consultation, we’ll listen to your goals, evaluate the state of your teeth, and construct a treatment plan to give you a smile that you love. Schedule a free consultation at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling our office at 760-724-9117.