Did You Ignore Your Cavity?

Cavities are common oral health problems, and they’re actually the first stage in the process of tooth decay. The buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth is common; it happens over time. During a checkup and cleaning, your dentist can evaluate the progress of this bacterial buildup while also cleaning it away. If your oral health professional doesn’t get to treat you in time, however, a cavity can form. Treating a cavity with a dental filling can be a straightforward procedure, especially if you catch it early. If you ignore your cavity, you may need more substantial treatment.

Cavities Get Bigger and More Difficult to Repair

Tooth decay is a progressive condition that will continue to get worse over time. Any cavity that you have will continue to get bigger the longer it goes unaddressed. Unlike a cut or scrape, your body can’t simply heal a cavity with time. As long as there is an active infection in your tooth, the condition will get worse. You need your dentist to clean out the bacteria and infected tissue inside your tooth before the tooth can heal. Once the tooth is clean, your dentist can repair the cavity with a dental filling. The longer you wait, the more substantial the filling will have to be.

Dental Crowns Can Be Used When Fillings Aren’t Enough

The goal of a dental filling is to repair the structure of your tooth. A cavity represents a structural deficiency in your tooth, and you need to repair that hole to be able to comfortably chew again. If a cavity becomes too large, a dental filling alone may not be able to repair the structural damage. In that case, your dentist may opt to use a dental crown to protect the tooth. Dental crowns allow you to preserve the root structure of your tooth, while using a tooth-shaped cap to cover and protect that structure. Dental crowns are fabricated to fit alongside your other teeth from both a functional and esthetic standpoint.

The Damage from a Cavity Won’t Heal on Its Own

The longer you wait to address your infected tooth, the more damage it will do. Neither the damage from a cavity, nor the bacteria itself will go away without treatment. If you choose not to receive a dental filling early on, then you may end up needing a dental crown. If you choose not to receive a dental crown, then your root canals may become infected. If you don’t treat the tooth with root canal therapy, if may become so infected that your dentist has to extract it so that it doesn’t spread infection to your other teeth.

Get Your Cavity Taken Care of at Melrose Dental Arts

The damage caused by cavities can pose a health risk to individual teeth, and your teeth as a whole. Don’t let a lingering oral health problem become a threat to all of your teeth. Address your cavity at Melrose Dental Arts. Our lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns repair damaged teeth and restore your smile. Schedule an appointment at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA by calling 760-724-9117.