Do You Need Braces to Correct Tooth Spacing?

Nearly everyone has some minor cosmetic adjustments they’d like to make to their teeth. That’s because your teeth typically don’t grow in and form a perfect smile on their own. Your teeth are affected by the shape and size of your jaw bone. Structural shifting beneath the surface of your gums can affect the way your teeth erupt and align. If you’ve got spacing issues that include crowding or strange gaps in your teeth, you may be wondering how you can correct for these imperfections. Do you really need years of braces to account for these spacing issues?

Braces Help Correct for Significant Structural Issues with Your Teeth

Braces use gentle but consistent pressure to push or pull your teeth into alignment. If your teeth are turned at an awkward angle or you have spacing issues, braces can correct for these problems. However, many patients — young and old — are reluctant to turn to braces because of the extended treatment timetable. Plus, braces are hardly discreet when it comes to the appearance of your teeth. In some cases, braces are the best tool for the job. They can create real structural change in instances of severe misalignment. However, often, you have other options for correcting spacing.

Invisible Aligners Achieve Similar Results to Braces

Are you familiar with invisible aligners? These clear, plastic aligners can push or pull your teeth into alignment like braces would. However, the aligners are much more subtle, making them a more comfortable treatment option. They also don’t require the metal brackets or wires that can create discomfort in your mouth and make your teeth difficult to clean during treatment. Aligners can be taken out for brushing and flossing, then put back in to continue working on your alignment. If you need to adjust crooked teeth, explore invisible aligners.

There Are Simple Cosmetic Treatments for Spacing Issues Too

Depending on the nature and extent of your spacing issues, your dentist may be able to use a simple cosmetic procedure to correct the issue. If you have a noticeable gap between two teeth, dental bonding can help. This process involves adding dental resin to a tooth to increase volume and close gaps. In some cases of crowding, your dentist can use contouring — gently shaping your existing dental enamel — to correct for the issue. These treatments can be performed in a single office visit, making them less of an undertaking.

Melrose Dental Arts Offers Cosmetic Treatment for Spacing

You may not need an extensive treatment timetable to correct for your spacing issues. In some cases, a simple cosmetic procedure can do the trick. Melrose Dental Arts offers non-invasive cosmetic treatment to help you achieve your ideal smile. Contact the Melrose Dental Arts office in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117 to schedule a cosmetic consultation.