Don’t Be Vulnerable To Cavities This Thanksgiving!

vista thanksgiving cavities

When you eat a lot of foods high in sugar and starch, this is a recipe for tooth decay. Unfortunately, this describes many of our Thanksgiving favorites! While the holiday will be very different this year due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean you won’t be enjoying your usual favorites. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA, dentist will look at what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

How Our Meals Cause Cavities

When we consume items high in sugar, such as pies, cakes, cranberry sauce, or those with a lot of starch, such as potatoes, yams, or breads, this leaves behind particles clinging to the teeth or trapped between them. Bacteria will break down these particles, consuming them and in the process, elevating oral acidity levels and also coating the teeth in layers of plaque and tartar. These layers then begin to weaken and erode enamel, and also irritate and inflame gum tissues, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Which means you need to take steps to reduce these risks if you’re to enjoy your feast without worrying about your smile!

Tips for Staying Smile-Safe This Year

First, you can limit how many of these items you consume. Next, you can add healthier choices to your plate, such as fresh fruits and veggies, which can help cleanse your smile as you eat. When you drink water with your meal, you help wash away food particles too. Finally, after your meal make time to floss your teeth thoroughly to remove any bits of food still caught between your teeth.

Each day, you should also continue to brush in the morning and again before bed for about two minutes, reaching every available tooth surface. Use a toothpaste with fluoride too, as this strengthens the outer tooth enamel. Flossing before bed is also essential too. Since the year is almost at an end, be sure to schedule your final checkup and cleaning of 2020, so we can remove plaque and tartar to protect your smile. You also have a chance to use the rest of your 2020 dental insurance benefits and health savings funds before they expire.

Other Health and Safety Concerns

Remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still a serious concern, especially to your older family members or those with compromised immune systems. With that in mind, try to avoid large indoor gatherings, limit your celebrations to a very small circle of friends or immediate family members only, and wear a mask in public.

Our Vista, CA Dentist’s Office Is Ready to Protect Your Smile

Our Vista, CA dentist’s office wants to help you enjoy a healthy smile free of cavities and other oral health concerns. For more information on avoiding the onset of tooth decay, then please contact Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.