Find an Affordable Option for Tooth Replacement

Cost should never be a barrier when it comes to quality-of-life treatments, but unfortunately, sometimes it is. Cost can even prevent people from receiving treatment that they desperately need. Tooth loss is a condition that needs attention. When you lose one or many adult teeth, it can cause your remaining teeth to shift, creating an irregularity in your bite. It can also cause more oral health problems in your gums and neighboring teeth. Replacing your missing tooth is something you should absolutely do. If it’s a matter of finding an affordable tooth replacement option, your dentist can help you.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Your Dentist

Many people experience some form of dental anxiety throughout their life. It can come from any number of sources. Even if it isn’t a debilitating anxiety, you may experience some hesitation. If you’re worried about what your dentist may find, or about the potential cost of a treatment, you may not schedule an appointment when you should. These serious cases are the exact moments when you need to work with your dentist! Your dentist can evaluate your personal situation and make sure that you feel comfortable about the treatment you receive.

Dental Bridges Are Affordable Tooth Replacement Options

Your dentist’s evaluation will determine what type of dental prosthetic is best for you. A popular option for replacing a series of missing teeth is the dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of two crowns, which fit over your remaining teeth on either side of the missing teeth. In between the crowns, your dentist will fix the pontics — the replacement teeth that will help stabilize your bite. The bridge relies on the stability of your natural teeth to hold the prosthetic in place, so your dentist will want to make sure that these teeth are healthy enough for the task. Bridges are more affordable than dental implants, which make them a more realistic option for some patients.

Dental Bridges Require Less Overhead than Dentures

Dentures are another option for replacing many teeth with a single prosthetic. However, dentures are messier, and less permanent as a replacement option. In cases where you need to replace all or nearly all of the teeth on a dental ridge, dentures may be the most efficient option. However, the adhesive used in the process, and the lack of structural support make dentures an inferior option in terms of experience quality. Talk to your dentist about your options to determine what will work best for your situation.

Find Dental Bridge Options at Melrose Dental Arts

Tooth loss isn’t something anyone wants to experience. In the wake of this condition, it’s important to address the problem right away. This is the best way to prevent future oral health problems. You can find dental bridge options and a comfortable care environment at Melrose Dental Arts. Schedule your appointment at the Vista, CA office by calling Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.