Find Relief In Your Prosthodontic Solution

Office Melrose CAThe replacement of one or more of your existing natural teeth can be overwhelming for people. After all, for many people, this is their first time encountering the prosthodontic world. Rest assured that there are multiple methods of prosthetic tooth replacement available to you. From trusted means of appliance solution like a dental bridge to technologically advanced methods, we are here for you. Speak with the professionals at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA about your options and keep an open mind during your consultation.

Dental implants provide a sense of strength that comes from their unparalleled connection to your bone. Through a process known as biointegration, the titanium implant post remains permanently within your jaw. As you recover, your bone regrows around the threads in the metal, linking tightly. This form of prosthodontic repair allows for its use in multiple applications in dentistry. From single tooth solutions to whole mouth implant-supported denture systems, let dental implants help you!

Plan For The Future With Dental Implants

For the replacement of one or more of your existing natural teeth, discuss the possibility of dental implants with your dentist. This process begins with the removal of the compromised material. From time to time, teeth can become more of a risk than a benefit to your smile. While the goal is traditionally to maintain your natural teeth, infection and other concerns can turn this location into a complication.

Dental implants approach prosthodontic replacement in a different fashion than other forms of appliance-based repair. Instead of relying upon the strength of the surrounding teeth, this starts from the jaw bone tissue.

How This Procedure Can Help You

Dental implants provide functional benefits due to their use of a biocompatible metal post. This titanium rod has threads and when you heal around it, it stays permanently in the location. Unlike other materials, this metal has special chemical properties and fools your body into believing that it is your own natural matter.

After recovery, this post can be used as a foundation for your new tooth replacement solution. Any form of custom prosthetic can be attached to this post, so it can be useful around the mouth. For single instances of replacement, this is helpful, but dental health professionals can use this process to craft a full set of dentures. These do not cover the roof of your mouth and are less likely to trigger your gag reflex. Speak with your caregiver about your options!

Prosthodontic Solutions In Vista, CA

Give us a call at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117 for a consultation with Dr. Amiri, DDS. The replacement of one or more of your existing natural teeth with the use of a dental implant can help you restore functionality to your smile and look gorgeous in the process!