Finding Your Way Back After A Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Vista CALet’s face it: sometimes, broken teeth happen. While it is never a fun experience, it can be helpful to know your next steps for when you or a loved one experience a damaged molar or incisor. After you confirm that this is not a serious dental emergency that requires assistance at the emergency room, your next step is to speak with a qualified dentist about how to move forward. You may receive a diagnosis that requires a dental crown, or for more minor chips and breaks, dental bonding may be suitable.

With our talented team of restorative dental experts at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA, you can be sure that you have a trusted name to rely upon when you need it. If you have broken a tooth, take the time to meet for an examination, and we can work together to develop a treatment plan that works best for your smile. With a beautiful new dental crown, you can restore function to that area of your mouth, and continue to look your best for years to come!

Talk To Your Dentist Before Infection Has A Chance To Develop

One of the reasons that it is so important to meet with your trusted oral health provider after breaking a tooth is that this area is now vulnerable to serious bacterial harm. Your natural enamel plays a vital role in protecting the soft tissue at the center of your tooth, and with even a slight crack or chip, you may be at risk. When an infection takes hold deep within your tooth, you may need a root canal treatment to stop your toothache and prevent reinfection. If you reach out to your provider quickly, you may be able to correct the situation before further damage has a chance to occur.

With Our Beautiful Dental Crowns, Your Restoration Can Blend In

After you have received your diagnosis, it is time to talk about your treatment plan in repairing that broken or cracked tooth. If your dentist recommends a dental crown, be sure to ask about your options in material, as there are different forms that work better for certain circumstances. Thankfully, the world of restorative dentistry has come a long way, and you have choices that can keep your renewal a little more private. With a gorgeous new dental crown from our team, there are options that blend in with your natural enamel!

Find Out More With Melrose Dental Arts In Vista, CA

If you have broken one or more of your natural teeth, it is time to meet with your dentist. To learn more about your options or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at (760)724-9117!