Follow Up on that Tooth Filling Now

Life is full of obligations and activities. You’ll always be busy keeping up with bill payments, appointments, and meetings. You often have to prioritize your schedule to avoid going crazy. You decide which things to address now, and which can sit on the back burner. Maybe you need your oil changed, but it can happen next week. One area of life that should stay on the front burner is your oral health, especially if you know you have a problem. It can be easy to table a dental visit for next month, or even next year. However, problems like tooth decay only get worse over time. When you fail to act, you accrue cost and hassle. If you have a cavity and need a filling, follow up on that treatment now, not later.

Tooth Fillings Are Straightforward Procedures Thanks to Modern Dentistry

In the past, fillings may have seemed like an undertaking that would fill you with dread. Modern dentistry has provided convenient solutions for many problems. Tooth fillings can often be done in the same visit in which they are prescribed. Small fillings may not even require any sedation. Your dentist has treatment options like composite resin, which sets right away and matches the color of your existing tooth. A filling is a simple process that prevents a bigger battle.

Getting a Filling Now Can Save You from a Lengthier Procedure Later

If you fail to follow up and get a tooth filling, your problems will get worse — it’s as simple as that. Tooth decay will continue to eat away at your tooth and you may end up needing a crown or a root canal. These procedures involve a lengthier timetable and added cost. A filling now will remove the bacteria and fortify your tooth against further problems. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist — you’ll thank yourself when resolve your cavity problem quickly.

Now’s the Time to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment

For residents of Vista, Dr. Amiri is the man to trust with your oral healthcare needs. If you’re worried you may have a cavity, or you don’t know the extent of your oral health issues, call right away to make an appointment, and give yourself peace of mind. Your teeth won’t get back to their best and brightest until you act. Schedule a consultation or appointment by contacting Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117.