How Does A Cavity Develop?

Close up of hole in tooth after drilling with dental rolls and mirrorIt goes without saying that your smile faces a barrage of oral threats and concerns every single day. While some may not seem particularly dangerous initially, the longer they persist, the worse off your situation will be. Among the most common concerns out there include dental decay and infection, and while it may be simple enough to treat in its earliest stages, sooner than later, it can get out of hand and become a detriment to your entire smile. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist explains the complexities of tooth decay, and why it is imperative you seek treatment before it gets worse.

Early Stages of Decay

Like many other dental concerns, tooth decay has its origins with hyperactive oral bacteria that wreak havoc on your grin. Indeed, brushing your teeth is necessary for removing these bacteria, but sometimes they may persist in the hard-to-access recesses of the mouth. Here, they are able to thrive and feed off of the food you consume.

Certain foods in particular, such as sugars, are especially appealing to these microorganisms, and even cause them to produce a destructive acid that gradually weakens your teeth. As this process continues, your structures will begin to weaken, and eventually a small hole known as a cavity will form.

One of the major obstacles that gets in the way of successful treatment is that many people do not even notice there is a problem to begin with. In fact, it is only when they experience sensitivity or pain that they may seek treatment, and at that point, the situation has already progressed. To learn more about this process and what you can do, reach out to our office today.

Why You Need Treatment

While you may believe a cavity is the worst of your worries, the truth is the situation will only continue to get worse the longer you put off seeking treatment. Indeed, the infection will begin to work its way deeper into the inner portion of a tooth and infect the dental pulp. Your nerves can become damaged as well, and you may even experience noticeable symptoms such as difficulty biting or chewing, heightened sensitivity, and sharp pains. When this occurs, it is imperative you contact our team immediately for help.

How We Can Help

A composite resin filling treatment can restore your structures in a lifelike manner. This process involves removing the infected portions of tooth, then filling the open cavity with a shade-matched composite resin material that is then cured using a special light. Not only does this remove the threat and reinforce your tooth’s strength, but it provides a natural-looking finish along the way.

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