How to Improve Your Hygiene at Home

The point of attending regular dental checkup and cleaning appointments is to keep your smile healthy and free of issues like cavities and gum disease. However, even the most effective preventive dental care will be unsuccessful if you don’t consistently keep up with good hygiene at home. The biggest threats to your smile are the oral bacteria that constantly form plaque and tartar, and your most important defense against them is your daily hygiene routine. Therefore, we offer a few tips to improve your hygiene at home and reduce your risks of oral bacteria-related issues.

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

  • Since oral bacteria naturally inhabit your mouth, you must brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss at least once to prevent too many of them from clinging to your teeth. Be sure to brush and floss before going to bed, since oral bacteria are more active when you sleep and your saliva flow dries up.
  • For your hygiene to be effective, take care to brush every surface of every tooth. Oral bacteria and food particles can linger where you can’t see them, and if left on your teeth, they can quickly calcify into tartar. Pay special attention along your gum line to prevent oral bacteria from settling underneath your gum tissues and leading to gingivitis.
  • Every time you brush your teeth, be sure to brush your tongue, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth, as well. Oral bacteria gather on every surface of your mouth, and those that linger on your tongue are especially known for causing chronic bad breath.

Learn More About Better Dental Hygiene

Keeping your smile healthy requires a combination of good hygiene and regular preventive dental care. To learn more about improving your hygiene, or to schedule a dental checkup, call Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA today at (760) 724-9117. We proudly welcome patients living in and around Vista, as well as Carlsbad, Ocean side, San Marcos, Escondido, and all surrounding communities.