Is That A Natural Tooth Or A Dental Implant?

No one wants to deal with the fallout from losing a tooth. Whether it’s through decay or an accident, adult tooth loss presents plenty of difficulties. There’s the immediate problems that arise — pain and an inability to chew foods as easily. You’ll also deal with the loss of confidence that comes from losing a tooth (or several teeth). Then there are the long-term effects. Untreated tooth loss can cause your remaining teeth to shift. This creates a difference in your bite that can lead to added pressure on certain teeth, wearing them down prematurely. You need a solution after tooth loss. Dental implants present an option that are as good as natural.

Dental Implants Come as Close to Natural Teeth as Possible

You actually have a number of prosthetic recovery options for missing teeth when you suffer tooth loss. Dental bridges can replace a series of missing teeth quickly. Dentures are good for extensive tooth loss. However, if you want the closest thing to a natural tooth replacement, you’ll want to choose dental implants. Implants consist of titanium screws that are surgically placed in your jaw bone to recreate the function of a natural tooth’s roots. This gives the implants more stability and bite power than other tooth replacement options.

Dental Implants Aren’t Just Functional, They Look the Part as Well

When you choose a dental implant, you aren’t just gaining a functional replacement. Your dentist will add a custom-made dental crown atop your implant to recreate the appearance and fit of your original tooth. This implant is fabricated based on measurements taken from your mouth, so it will fit alongside other teeth and blend in to your mouth visually. This is all part of how dental implants create a comprehensive recovery plan for your missing teeth.

Melrose Dental Arts Will Fit You With a Beautiful New Implant

At its best, a dental prosthetic isn’t even noticeable alongside your other teeth. If you want a superior experience during your recovery from tooth loss, Melrose Dental Arts is here to help. Talk to Dr. Amiri and the helpful staff at Melrose to choose a recovery treatment that works for your timetable and budget. Make your appointment for a prosthetic consultation by calling Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at 760-724-9117.