It’s Necessary To Address Tooth Loss

Image of a beautiful happy young woman doctor in medical dentist center showing okay gesture.From a young age, we have been taught to take proper care of our smiles in order to avoid cavities and other concerns caused by dental decay. While cavities are relatively simple to treat if they are caught early on, they become increasingly more difficult to address with time. In fact, the infection itself can work its way deep into a structure where it damages your inner nerves and pulp, and without proper and immediate care, you may face the possibility of losing a natural tooth. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist takes a look at why you should address tooth loss, and how implant dentistry can help.

Potential Causes and Concerns

While dental decay is often cited as the main cause of tooth loss, the truth of the matter is that there are many ways a structure can become compromised. For example, we know that decay can essentially rot a tooth and cause it to fall out, but did you know that gum disease can cause loss as well?

Like decay, gum disease exists on a spectrum where damage can increase the longer you wait to seek treatment. In extreme cases, the gum tissues become infected to a point that they can no longer support or house a tooth. In cases such as these, the structure tends to fall out on its own.

Another cause of structural loss involves physical injury. Unfortunately, accidents cannot be prevented 100 percent of the time, and effects can vary depending on the situation. If you are lucky, you may only endure a chip or a crack. In other cases, however, it is possible to have an entire tooth become dislodged. To learn more about the causes of tooth loss, reach out to our team today.

The Impact on Oral Function

One of the biggest concerns that arise when a person loses one or more teeth is how it impacts oral function. You see, your teeth’ roots are embedded securely into the jaw and act as a sort of anchor. This helps your crowns absorb the pressure of your bite without falter, as well as stimulates the jawbone so that it can remain strong and healthy.

When a person loses one or more teeth, functions such as biting, chewing, or eating are much more difficult to accomplish. To learn more about this process, contact our office.

How Implants Help

To ensure that you are able to perform routine tasks as normal, your dentist may recommend the help of a dental implant. An implant is a biocompatible titanium post that is inserted into the jaw and intended to function as an artificial root. A specialist then creates a custom crown that is placed on top.

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