Keeping Younger Smiles Healthy With Prevention

Portrait of happy girl shows thumb up gesture at dental clinicIt goes without saying that losing one or even multiple oral structures can have a significant effect on a person’s esteem, oral function, and more. Further, it is clearly nobody’s first choice, but sometimes it may be the only viable option if a person’s oral health is at stake. For this reason, your dentist recommends beginning preventive dental care early, but just how early is necessary? In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist takes a look at why we emphasize an excellent routine at an early age, as well as how this helps contribute to a lifelong smile.

The Need to Start Early

Believe it or not, we often hear from our patient families that, while they want their little ones to have excellent oral care, they do not see the point in placing significant energy into a thorough routine if baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. Though losing baby teeth is a process everyone experiences, bear in mind that your oral health is comprised of more than just your teeth, and as such, there is significant value in starting care early.

Indeed, one of the major benefits of early preventive care is that it helps instill excellent habits in your children. You see, children tend to follow your example, and if you place significant emphasis on your oral health, they are more likely to follow suit.

Another benefit of beginning care early is that it places your children’s smiles at a healthier level with stronger defense. Indeed, oral health is influenced by the many components of your oral cavity, which means that effective care extends further than your teeth. In fact, brushing and flossing help keep your gums healthy and fight off the bacteria that lead to gum disease. Contact our team to learn more about this process today.

What to Consider at Home

Because your smile’s health is influenced by the many components in your mouth, it is important to recognize that an effective routine is anything but linear. As a matter of fact, your dentist recommends brushing twice daily to fend off the deposits of plaque that rapidly develop, flossing between meals to maintain gum health, and utilizing mouthwash to reach areas that are difficult to access with brushing alone. For more information about these steps, contact our office today.

Why Checkups Matter

In addition to thorough at-home care, no preventive routine is complete without in-office checkups and cleanings. Indeed, this process allows our team to provide a thorough examination of your little one’s grin so that we can provide feedback on what processes are doing well, and what areas may require more work. Further, we recommend coming in for your checkup at least once every six months.

Learn More Today

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