Prepare Yourself For A Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Vista CAEven when you take care of your smile, you can still experience a cracked or broken tooth. For this reason, it is important to learn some tools to help you in the event that you have a dental emergency. The steps that you take immediately after damaging one of your teeth are vital in giving you the ability to achieve a speedy repair, so take some time to understand how to handle the situation.

When you need a positive emergency dentist in Vista, CA, talk to a member of our helpful team about your options. After you have determined that you are safe from immediate and possibly life-threatening concerns, speak to a trusted dentist quickly. Time is of the essence in your smile repair, so do not put off treatment. Instead, reach out to our staff and discover how timely repair can help you to minimize the lasting effects of your dental damage. If you have broken or cracked one of your natural teeth, come see us!

Your Initial Steps After Experiencing A Dental Emergency

The first few moments after you break a tooth can feel like an eternity while your brain starts to understand the gravity of the situation. This time is also pivotal in your repair. By learning about what to do beforehand, you can know your next steps, so take the time to prepare yourself for this possibility.

After you or a loved one has broken a tooth due to injury, it is important to determine whether you need to head to the emergency room. If you have any questions regarding the severity of this accident, please visit with an emergency medical provider. The hospital has access to life-saving equipment, and at this point, overall safety is paramount.

A Dental Emergency Can Leave You To Pick Up the Pieces

When you injure your smile, try to locate any pieces of your tooth material that you can, and then keep it safe. Use a piece of fabric such as gauze, or if that is not available, a clean t-shirt will do. This can help your provider to restore a tooth after an emergency.

If you have fully dislodged a tooth, rinse it off and place it back in the socket, if possible. Bite down on a clean bit of cloth and head to your local emergency dentist. Time is key in your repair, so make your way to the office as quickly as you can while remaining safe.

Melrose Dental Arts Is Your Emergency Dentist In Vista, CA

If you have broken or cracked one or more of your teeth, talk with a trusted emergency dentist today about your options in repair. For more information, call us at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at (760)724-9117!