Protect Your Child’s Teeth with These Easy Treatments

Your children’s oral health is an important part of their development. You want to lay a strong foundation for healthy teeth and gums, and the best way to do that is by taking proper care of them. Although your children will eventually lose their baby teeth, you still need to care for them and keep them cavity-free to preserve the health of their oral tissues for life. You can accomplish this using simple treatments at home, and at your dentist’s office. In today’s blog, we cover a few easy treatments that you can use to protect your child’s teeth.

Make Sure Your Child Is Thoroughly Brushing Their Teeth Twice a Day

Although it’s easy to take for granted, teeth brushing is a treatment — the most crucial of treatments — for anyone’s teeth. When you view teeth brushing like a treatment, it can be easier to do a more thorough job. Brushing removes bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth, and it’s these bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. Your child should be brushing their teeth at least twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) to prevent bacterial buildup. If you notice that your child is especially cavity-prone, try having them brush after meals as well for more support.

Fluoride Rinse Can Fortify the Enamel of Young Teeth

When bacteria build up on the surfaces of teeth, they produce corrosive acid that wears away at dental enamel. Dental enamel is what makes teeth strong and durable, so damage to this layer should be taken very seriously. Even if your child doesn’t develop a cavity, their enamel can still suffer wear. Fluoride rinse treatment can be used to effectively fortify compromised enamel. The fluoride rinse will strengthen the outer layer of your child’s teeth to keep them strong and viable.

Your Dentist Can Also Provide Dental Sealants for Your Child

Learning to properly brush your teeth takes time. It’s a skill that you must practice. For children, this skill may not come easily. As more teeth grow into your child’s mouth, it can be difficult for them to adequately brush them all. Dental sealants are a treatment that can help. Sealants are thin layers of dental acrylic that your dentist can paint onto the chewing surfaces of hard-to-reach teeth to prevent bacteria from building up in these areas. Dental sealants are not permanent, but they can help your child get through developmental years with healthy teeth.

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