Protect Your Enamel With Professional Whitening

Smiling Man Vista CAWhen you start to notice a change in the coloration of your smile, take the time to speak with a professional cosmetic dentist about your options in treatment. While many products are now in supermarkets and drugstores, there may be issues with their improper use. They can be ineffective at treating your specific form of discoloration, leading you to repeatedly bleach your teeth. This can lead to dentin sensitivity, so talk to your dentist about ways to maintain the integrity of your teeth while undergoing whitening treatment.

With our helpful dental team in Vista, CA, you can achieve a brighter smile with your choice of one of our methods of cosmetic teeth whitening. If you feel more comfortable with an at-home course of treatment, we can help you with a custom set of trays. Fill these trays with our effective lifting agent and start to work on improving your smile! For some others, an even faster remedy is necessary, so if this sounds like you, talk to our team about an appointment in the office, which can erase stains in one simple visit!

Take Advantage Of The Experience And Knowledge Of A Dentist In Your Whitening

If you are beginning to see that your smile is starting to appear yellowed or dim, it may be a sign of extrinsic stains on your enamel. This condition can occur due to the repeated exposure of your teeth to staining agents in the things that you eat and drink. For example, red wine and coffee are particularly likely to leave lasting marks on your enamel, and these may not come off with routine brushing and flossing.

When this happens, take the time to entrust your smile to a knowledgeable dentist. They can help you to understand the cause of your condition, as well as the options that you have in treating your stubborn enamel stains.

Learning About Your Choices In Teeth Whitening Treatment

After your dentist has determined that a buildup of stains is the reason for the change in your smile, you can decide between two distinct forms of improvement. Our office offers you an at-home course of treatment so that you can renew your smile on your own time. Simply fill your custom trays with our lifting gel and wear them for the prescribed period of time. If you need a solution in a hurry, schedule an appointment for an in-office whitening process, and handle your treatment in one easy visit!

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Appointment With Melrose Dental Arts

Take advantage of the assistance of a professional oral health provider in your cosmetic dentistry. For more information on how we keep an eye on your enamel during whitening, call Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at (760)724-9117!