Protecting Tiny Smiles With Preventive Dentistry

Adorable latin kid holding green apple pointing thumb up to the side smiling happy with open mouthYounger smiles need just as much attention – if not more – as adults when it comes to their dental health. Indeed, preventive dentistry is the name of the game, providing healthy smiles for life if cared for properly. While cosmetic and restorative dentistry are helpful in regards to appearance and function, respectively, preventive dentistry is the crux of health, and without proper care you will continue to experience issues. In today’s blog, your Vista, CA dentist will address the importance of having a routine, and how smaller smiles can benefit from these practices earlier on.

The Importance of Their Visit

While it may not seem necessary to some, a routine office visit represents a great portion of the standard routine. This step allows a trained eye to carefully but thoroughly investigate for any signs of damage, trauma, or threat to health, including the effects of harmful bacteria. What’s more, our team will provide a gentle cleaning to remove any deposits of plaque or tartar that may have begun to form.

Arguably one of the most important benefits that a visit yields is the ability to track tooth development and monitor your child’s healthy smile. A comprehensive file that details this growth as well as history of any negative developments serves as an excellent tool to ensure proper hygiene, and starting early is the key! For more information about checkups, contact our team today.

Treatments for Added Strength

When a standard routine or visit does not appear to be enough, a fluoride treatment or dental sealant may just be the key to that needed boost of strength. As an added step within their checkup, our team can apply a fluoride gel to the surface of front teeth that serves to reinforce weakened sections of enamel. This allows efficient protection against harmful bacteria and other threats.

Another option that you may pursue is the use of a dental sealant, which consists of painting a thin layer of acrylic over the surfaces of back molars with the intent to fill nooks and crannies that bacteria tend to target. To learn more about these optional procedures, reach out today.

Follow Up at Home!

One of the most important factors to ensuring a healthy grin is making sure to follow up at home. This includes encouraging proper brushing and flossing techniques, and encouraging an excited outlook about oral care! We know that it can be trying at times to get a child excited about brushing their teeth, but keep in mind that it is never too early to start, and our team is here to help.

Schedule your Child’s Appointment

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