Ready to Enjoy Your Smile Again? Time for A Dental Implant

Ready to Enjoy Your Smile Again? Time for A Dental ImplantWere you recently told that you will need to have a tooth extracted? Worse, have you suffered the trauma of losing a tooth, as an adult? Children and seniors aren’t the only ones that can find themselves with incomplete smiles. In fact, many middle-aged men and women will also struggle with tooth loss. This can come as a result of a traumatic injury to the smile, such as during a car accident, a work injury, or even while playing some kind of sport. It can also occur as a result of a deep tooth infection, gum disease, or a failing restoration, though. Fortunately, for 20, 30, and 40-somethings that don’t want to spend the remainders of their lives struggling with incomplete smiles, there are stable ways to restore the smile both functionally and cosmetically. That is certainly something worth smiling about!

Why It’s Important to Complete the Smile

Even if you’re fortunate enough to still boast a beautiful smile, after the loss of a tooth, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still compelling reasons to have your smile completed through prosthetic dentistry. Though the cosmetic concerns are often at the forefront of one’s mind, particularly if a lost tooth is near the front of the smile where a gap is most easily spotted, there are underlying functional issues that can be created by tooth loss.

First, remaining teeth are likely to try to fill the gap that was created when your tooth fell out or was extracted. This can lead to alignment problems that can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. In fact, over time misalignment can lead to jaw pain, difficulties or pain while chewing, and TMJ-related problems, as well as teeth grinding.

Missing teeth also mean the jaw is no longer receiving support through those teeth’s healthy tooth roots. Over time, this can mean noticeable shrinkage of the jaw.

What Can A Dental Implant Do for You?

Fortunately, dental implants are a prosthetic option that helps to prevent all of these concerns, and more. They do so by helping to replace both the missing tooth and the root that held it in place. This is accomplished by first surgically placing a mimic tooth root into the jaw.

By doing this, an implant most closely resembles a natural tooth, in that it can help to support the jaw while also completing the smile cosmetically. To see if an implant is the right prosthetic option for completing your smile, talk to your dentist about the process of implant placement.

Need to Restore Your Smile?

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