Receiving A Lifelike Dental Filling For A Cavity

What can be done to help a patient when they have a cavity? Issues with tooth decay are common, even among people who take their oral health care seriously. If a cavity forms on your tooth, your dentist will carefully remove the area of decay before providing a permanent dental restoration to support it. At our Vista, CA dentist’s office, we have experience providing restorative dental care for our patients without creating issues for their smile. One way we are able to do this is by offering dental fillings made from a lifelike composite resin material. When this resin substance is applied, it is able to protect the tooth against physical harm or infection while preserving its natural appearance!

Cavity Treatment Must Address Permanent Damage Caused By Decay

Cavities grow over time after forming, and as they continue to become larger they do increasing harm to a tooth. In time, a cavity will expose you to an internal infection by working its way through your enamel and dentin, which gives bacteria the opportunity to infiltrate and attack the living tissues within. While there is no way for your tooth to heal itself and regain its full form, it is possible to keep it safe with a permanent restoration. Patients who keep up with regular dental appointments can have cavities identified earlier in their development, which makes it possible to address the matter when it is still possible to use a dental filling. A larger cavity can demand treatment with a dental crown, which must occupy more of your tooth structure.

Receiving Your Permanent Dental Filling When Your Smile Is Restored

After your dentist removes the infected portion of your tooth, they will use a composite resin filling to replace the material that was taken. This substance is able to bond directly to your enamel for a remarkable degree of support, and it can be blended to match the tint of your tooth! Once applied, you can bite, chew, and speak with confidence knowing that your tooth is safe and secure.

Some Cavities Require More Support Than A Filling Provides – We Can Help

If there is no longer a way to restore a damaged tooth with a dental filling, we can arrange to protect it with a dental crown instead. A dental crown covers the tooth above the gum line to keep it safe and to offer extra support against bite pressure. When a tooth in need of treatment is in a particularly visible part of your smile, we can offer restorations made from materials that mimic healthy dental enamel.

Count On Cavity Care From Your Vista, CA Dentist’s Office

Your Vista, CA dentist’s office is prepared to restore your tooth, and preserve your smile, if you have a problem with your oral health. To find out more, please call Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.