Reliant On Caffeine For Energy? It May Affect Your Smile

If your days feel especially long, or if your ability to sleep is being interrupted, it may feel hard to complete your day without some assistance from caffeine. People enjoy caffeine in many different forms – some love to enjoy a cup of black coffee, while others enjoy tea. It is also common for people to turn to soft drinks and energy drinks for an energy jolt. While this substance is available in different forms, it can be hard to find a source for caffeine that carries no concerns for your smile. Some beverages are high in sugar, while others can cause dry mouth. It is also possible for your caffeine habit to affect the quality of your smile by staining your teeth. Our Vista, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who are trying to maintain healthy smiles. In addition to providing preventive services in the office, we can help you identify habits that are making you more vulnerable to oral health troubles!

Caffeinated Beverages Can Affect The Color Of Your Smile

Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are all sources of caffeine, and all three put you at risk for some dental discoloration. Drinks that are dark or rich in color can leave behind the chromogens or tannins that give them their color on your enamel. In time, stains will build up – when they settle, it can become difficult to remove them through daily care, or even with a store bought whitening procedure.

Have Your Drink Choices Put You At More Risk For Tooth Decay?

Not all source of caffeine have sugar, but many do. Many energy drinks and soft drinks are packed with enough sugar to make dental decay a risk, so depending on them can lead to the need for restorative dental work. While coffee and tea can be enjoyed without sugary additives, there is a cavity risk associated with dry mouth that you should know about. If these beverages frequently leave your mouth feeling dry or sticky, it is a sign that you have less saliva to protect your smile!

Caffeine And Teeth Grinding

If you frequently have trouble with teeth grinding, particularly when you are asleep, caffeine consumption may be part of the problem. Continued grinding can lead to persistent pain, changes in your appearance, and even damage that requires the placement of dental crowns!

Talk To Your Vista, CA Dentist’s Office About Protecting Your Smile!

At our Vista, CA dentist’s office, we are proud to help our patients protect their teeth from harm! While we can offer important support during routine dental exams, remember that you will need to maintain good habits if you want to avoid trouble between appointments. To find out more about our practice and our services, please call Melrose Dental Arts at 760-724-9117.