Renew Your Smile With A Gorgeous New Dental Crown

Outside Market Vista CaIf you have recently broken or cracked one of your natural teeth, make the effort in speaking with your dentist quickly after you experience the injury. Even when it may seem like it is just a small crack or chip, you may have done more damage than you realize. When you lose the protection of your natural enamel, your tooth becomes at risk of developing a bacterial infection within the bundle of soft tissue known as pulp, and this can be dangerous to your smile and your overall health.

With our team of restorative dental experts in Vista, CA, you can restore the injured part of your smile with the placement of an elegant new dental crown. With this process, your provider places a durable cap, made from sophisticated materials, onto your affected natural tooth. A crown can be a helpful form of smile repair, so talk to your dentist about your specific needs and learn about how to keep your dentistry safe after damage. A gorgeous new dental crown could be the right move for your oral health!

Even Small Cracks And Chips Can Lead To An Infected Tooth

Not every instance of dental damage is an immediate emergency, but do not let yourself minimize the risk to your oral health. When you injure one of your natural teeth, it is best to speak with a trusted dental professional about what has happened so that you have a better understanding of the extent of the trauma. Even if you think that you might have just experienced a small chip, you may have removed the protective outer layer known as your enamel.

Your enamel plays a significant role in protecting your teeth by acting as a barrier to prevent bacteria from reaching the internal portion of your tooth. Without this shield, harmful microorganisms can start to infiltrate your smile. An infection within your tooth can lead to a seriously nagging toothache, so be proactive in speaking with your dentist.

Improve Your Smile Quality And Restore Stability With A Dental Crown

When you break one of your teeth, it is important to remember that your provider has helpful methods of dental restoration to help you. One of these options is a durable dental crown, which is a lifelike cap that operates as a new chewing surface on a damaged tooth. Take the time to speak with your dentist about your options in dental crown material!

Find Out More About Restoration With Melrose Dental Arts In Vista, CA

A broken tooth can lead to more dangerous complications if you ignore it. Learn more about dental crown restorations with a call to our team at Melrose Dental Arts in Vista, CA at (760)724-9117!