Securing A Permanent Replacement Tooth Without Oral Surgery

securing a permanent replacement tooth without oral surgeryYour teeth depend on each other. They provide support to their neighbors, which is why a missing tooth can make neighboring teeth more vulnerable to being lost. They also help distribute the pressures of biting and chewing, which is why tooth loss can lead to excessive wear on certain teeth. It is possible to have a lost tooth permanently replaced with a dental bridge. Unlike with dental implants, you will not need to undergo oral surgery to have a bridge placed. This dental prosthetic actually relies on dental crowns to help keep in place. The bridge enjoys enough support to be put to use in biting and chewing, and should feel comfortable in your mouth. Your replacement tooth will be lifelike enough to not upset your appearance.

How A Dental Bridge Stays In Place

A dental bridge consists of two crowns, which are placed around the replacement tooth, or (if needed) several replacement teeth. The teeth on either side of the lost tooth are fitted with the crowns, which keep the replacement (referred to as a pontic) stable.

The Importance Of Responding To Tooth Loss

Just one missing tooth can put you in an awkward spot when it comes to comfortably eating and speaking. In the long run, leaving a lost tooth unaddressed can cause you to lose more teeth. You could also develop jaw problems from trying to adjust your habits around that absence. While some people may think of replacing a lost tooth as merely a cosmetic priority, you should be mindful that your oral health is harder to sustain when even one tooth is missing from your full set.